Yoga Poses for Flat Abs

Yoga Poses for Flat Abs

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    Getting flat abs is what all of us want but unfortunately the belly fat is one of the most common weight problems we have. If crunches are just not your thing, then what you need is yoga abs workout. Practicing and doing the correct yoga poses for abs will get rid of that bulge in no time. Here are five yoga poses for abs that you can do at home and get flat belly in no time.

    1. Boat pose

    Yoga_BoatPoseThis is one of the most effective yoga poses for flat abs. there are different ways of doing this yoga pose. You can move your legs up and down and pause at particular heights. To do this yoga pose, get on the floor and sit with your knees bent. Now lean back and tuck your tailbone under your spine and then contract your abs and finally extend your legs out. You need to your hands in front of you with palm facing in.

    The aim of this yoga pose is to get your feet as close to the ground as possible without actually touching it. If it is difficult to balance at the initial stage, hold your ankles, and bring your legs as close to your body as possible. Remember to keep your back straight and hold this position as long as you can.

    2. Downward Facing Dog With Knee To Nose

    DOWNGUARD-FACING-DOGThis is a good yoga pose for lower abs. With this yoga you will be able to squeeze your lower belly tight. You need to go to downward facing dog position by getting on your hands and knees and then slowly pressing your hips up. Try to extend your heels to the floor and palms to the ground. To increase the intensity, lift alternate legs and bring it as close to your forehead or nose as possible. Keep repeating this in a set of 5. Remember to keep breathing deeply. You are not supposed to hold your breathe.

    3. Plank Pose

    Yoga_PlankPoseThis yoga pose for abs has become quite popular lately as it helps in getting rid of belly fat effectively. To do this yoga pose, you can either use your forearms or hands. First, get on your hands and knees and then slowly life your knees and hips up. Keep your body in a straight line. Hold this position as long as you can, contracting your lower abs tight. Repeat this 3 times to start with and then scale it up.

    4. Side Plank

    Yoga_SidePlankIf you want a flat belly then your yoga abs workout should also include obliques on the sides of your body. This yoga pose will help tone up those horrible love handles that are so difficult to get rid of. To do this pose, first get into the plank pose by getting on your hands and knees and lift your body into a straight line. Now turn to the side and life one arm in the air and stack your feet on top of each other. You can do this yoga pose on your hands or forearms. Keep your body in a straight line while keeping your side squeezed and lifted. Now repeat this on the other side and hold as long as possible. You can do some changes to this yoga pose by lifting your top leg up and then holding it with your hands that is not touching the ground.

    5. Crow pose

    crow poseThis yoga pose workout is the most difficult amongst the one mentioned here. Don’t get disheartened if you can’t get it right in one go. For this yoga abs workout, start by squatting so that your hands are low on the ground and push your knees away from each other. Keep your feet together and extend your hands in front of you, palms on the ground. Now bend your triceps so that your knees can be placed on them. Don’t look at the ground as it will make you topple over. Spread your fingers wide apart to make a strong base and then lift up your butt and tailbone, placing your knees on your triceps. You can start off with one leg at a time till you can hold both legs in the air. Hold this yoga pose as long as you can.

    If these yoga workouts seem difficult at the starting, don’t get disheartened. You may not get it perfect the first time but with practice you are definitely going to get flat stomach in no time. Remember to do some kind of warm up before doing any of these exercises.

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