Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Yoga for Back Pain Relief

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    Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for back pain relief. If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain then check with your doctor before you do any of these yoga for back pain relief. However, for temporary and sporadic pain, these yoga exercises for back pain are really beneficial. These yoga exercises not only provide instant relief but also give a lasting alignment in the spine so that the back pain doesn’t come back for a while.

    Here are the simple yoga exercises for back pain you can start off with.

    Cobra Pose

    cobra poseThis is one of the best yoga for back pain relief. Cobra pose lengthens and stretches the spine backwards that helps relax the muscles. To start with this yoga pose, start on your hands and knees. Now slowly lower your hips towards the floor and then straighten your legs. Now move forward with your arms. To close this yoga pose, roll your shoulders back and then look up towards the sky. Hold this position for at least 2 minutes and feel the tension leaving your back.

    Child’s Pose

    Child Pose


    This is a good back exercise and a recommended yoga for beginners. This is not only a good yoga exercise for back pain but also helps in relieving pain in the neck area. For the child’s pose, start by going onto your hands and knees and then slowly sit back on your heels and bring your forehead to the floor. Let it come as close as possible, even if you can’t touch it. Now extend your arms forward and release the pressure in the lower and upper back while inhaling and exhaling slowly.

    Cat and Cow Pose

    cat cow pose


    A strong yoga for back pain relief exercise is the combination of cat and cow pose. The yoga exercises are very relaxing and gentle and no matter what’s your health condition you can do it. To start with, go on your hands and knees with your head up. Now slowly extend your spine by lowering your belly a little. Now you have to start with the cow pose. You now have to keep your head facing down and then arch your spine so that you are almost curled up. Make sure you breathe in deeply and you would soon see your back pain fading away.

    Savasana Yoga

    savasana yogaSometimes lying on a flat hard surface is all that’s required to fix a back pain. If your day keeps you behind the wheel or hunched over your laptop all day, then your back is just asking for alignment. By performing savasana yoga on a flat surface helps in spine readjustment. To do this yoga exercise for back pain, you need to lie down on your back, close your eyes and find the most comfortable position to put your arms. Keep breathing in a relaxed form and you will see the tense back muscles relaxing out.

    Seated Forward Bend

    seated forward


    This yoga exercise is excellent in giving relief from lower back pain. But remember, this yoga exercise is a bit tricky and you need to get it right or you may get hurt. To start with this yoga exercise, go for a seated forward bend by sitting down with your feet out in front of you. Now breathe deeply and then slowly extend your arms towards your ankles. Fold your legs and make sure you are hinged forward at your hips. Now breathe deeply and you will feel lower back pain slowly dissolve.

    Camel Pose

    camel pose


    This is a good yoga for back pain relief. It helps in fixing stiff back that we get from hunching over all day. In this yoga exercise, the spine is moved in the opposite direction and that’s good for counteracting the normal motion your back is in. to start camel pose yoga, go on your hands and knees but then lift your hands off the ground slowly. Now bend backwards to grasp your ankles, extending your head back. While doing this exercise, continue with deep breathing and lengthen and make your spine more flexible.

    Standing Backbends

    backbend yogaThis is one yoga exercise you may have done every day and never noticed. This yoga pose is very simple and also extremely effective in stretching every bit of your body. To start this yoga exercise is stand firm on a solid ground. It is important to maintain your balance. Now simply bend backwards and then extend your arms back as well. Breathe deeply and try to extend your spine backwards as much as you can manage without falling or hurting yourself. This exercise will relax all your back muscles and help in releasing all back pain.

    No matter how sedentary your lifestyle is, with these yoga for back pain relief is sure going to come your way. Practice these yoga exercises for back pain regularly and you would never be stuck with a stiff back again.

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