Hot Yoga: Benefits that help you get in shape

Hot Yoga: Benefits that help you get in shape

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    Hot yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga today. Whether you practice Bikram yoga or some other type of yoga, hot yoga can be easily combined and added to it.

    What is Hot Yoga?

    Hot yoga is generally performing different styles of yoga under hot and humid conditions. In countries with cold weather conditions, hot yoga is performed under special temperature controlled surroundings. The aim of hot yoga is to generate sweat and give more flexibility to the muscles while doing yoga practices.

    Hot Yoga Benefits

    Hot yoga is not just about making you sweaty and making the yoga poses further more difficult. There are different hot yoga benefits that help get the maximum benefit from your body. One of the primary benefits is detoxification.

    With heavy sweating, the body detoxifies and flushes toxins out of the system. The heat also helps avoid sudden muscle pulls during the different yoga poses.

    Another hot yoga benefit is the increase in heart rate, making the body work harder. So, if you want to get the results of an intense workout from yoga then just combine it with hot yoga.

    Finally, hot yoga helps the body to relax, improve breathing and mind focus and develop better mental concentration.

    Hot Yoga Styles

    Just like there are different yoga styles and poses the same is true for hot yoga as well. Bikram yoga is commonly known as the original form of hot yoga. This yoga form requires a set of 26 yoga postures in a sequence and focuses on endurance. Moksha yoga is another hot yoga style and is best practiced when integrated with environment conditions.

    How to Get Started

    Before you get your body ready, it is important to get your mind ready. First, keep yourself well hydrated and less of solids. Hot yoga is a combination of difficult weather conditions and the challenges of yoga poses. If you are not used to hot and humid climatic conditions then get acclimatized first.

    Some Things to Remember About Hot Yoga

    Hot yoga sometimes makes your body stretch and that can lead to injuries. It is very important to remember not to push beyond the limits that you find comfortable.

    If at any point you start feeling uncomfortable or dizzy, you should stop immediately. Hot yoga is a good form for weight reduction but you can’t achieve miracles in a day. Take it slowly.

    If there is any heart condition then it is very important to first check with a doctor and then attempt any form of yoga exercise. The same is true for pregnancy as well. If you have a blood pressure problem whether high or low, go for easier yoga forms and slowly increase the limit.


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