Easy Ways To Avoid Neck Pain

Easy Ways To Avoid Neck Pain

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3 easy ways to get rid of neck pain

Is neck pain a constant source of annoyance for you? Even though there can be many different reasons for neck pain, let’s find some easy ways to avoid neck pain.

First and also one of the most important things to keep in mind is not to stick your neck out while sitting at your desk or working on your PC. Your PC screen should be at a level where you slighting tuck in your chin. Correct posture is not just about sitting correctly; it also applies to the way you stand. You need to distribute your body weight equally on both legs and have your chin and abdomen tucked in always.

When it comes to sleeping, posture matters equally. Your pillows should not be too flat or too fluffy. If you sleep on your back, then the pillow should be tucked into the crook of your neck, so that your neck is well supported. If you are sleeping on your side, then position your pillow so that your necks gets the required support and does not hang low.

Avoid neck pain by doing these

Another easy way to avoid neck pain is simply avoiding these things as much as possible.

  • Carrying heavy bags, as it puts a strain on your neck. If you do not have choice, then try to divide the weight on both shoulders as often as possible.
  • Do not tuck your phone between your ear and shoulder as it misaligns the cervical spine.
    Some neck exercises

To give some relief to your neck, you need to do these exercises regularly. Tuck your chin towards your chest and then look up. Move your neck forwards and then backwards. Repeat this pattern 6-8 times daily.
Another useful neck exercise is to lower your right ear towards the right shoulder to flex your neck sideways. Hold each time for minimum 5 seconds. You need to do this for both the sides. Repeat this exercise 6-8 times for both sides.

Another exercise is to rotate your shoulders in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, around 8 times.
Practicing these simple neck exercises and taking the required precautions can help prevent neck pain and make you feel more charged up.


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