12 New Habits for the 12 Months of the New Year

12 New Habits for the 12 Months of the New Year

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One thing we all try to do around this time of the year is make good new habits and break some old, bad ones. However, making random habits and calling them New Year resolutions really doesn’t promise its longevity. How about making 12 solid New Year habits, one for each month and then sticking to it. So, you’ll have 12 promises to keep and you would know again after one year, just around this time, how many were you able to keep.


Drink a lot more water than you are doing. Sounds quite simple right? But it’s the easiest to slip on this, especially in the cold months. So, try to stick to at least 8 glasses of water in a day. If you are still thirsty you can of course, have more. Water flushes out toxins, gives a clear complexion and keeps you feeling full.


Stick to your breakfast. With our hectic schedule, we often skip breakfast and our coffee is the only thing that we get going with. But if you have gained weight in this year, then you would definitely want to change it. Those added inches to your waist is because of the skipped breakfast. So, go for a bowl of cereals and low-fat milk along with a fruit. But do not skip your breakfast.


Sleep a bit more. Yes, we would all want that. But whether it is the WhatsApp group or late night movies, you miss out on the beauty sleep. So, this month promise yourself at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Anything less than that pushes you towards diabetes and high blood pressure. So, what sounds better now.


So, what did you have last week at this time of the day? Well, it is easy to forget and then we seriously don’t get why our weight scale defies us. So, keep a food journal. It will make you more conscious, help you track what you ate and when and control the intake of junk food.

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Other than the running around you do to get the tasks done, do you really enjoy walking? This month, take this up as an activity and enjoy a brisk walk every evening or morning. You need around 30 minutes of brisk walk for five days. If you can’t find 30 minutes, then break it up to 15 minutes of two sets. You will get in shape, lose weight and feel awesome.


It is time for fruits and vegetables this month. Packed with fiber and loaded with nutrients, it is the best way to enjoy food without getting fat. Make sure at least half your plate is filled with fruits and veggies and the rest can of course, be some of the other favorite foods of yours.


One size small. We are talking about your plate here. When you have a big plate, you try it to fill it to the maximum. But when it is small, you pick items of smaller quantity and automatically end up eating less. So go shopping and get yourself a smaller plate this month.


Go meatless at least 2 days in a week. Even though it is delicious, meat is difficult to digest and giving your system a break is required. A study has shown, eating red meat and deli meat can reduce the chances of cancer and heart diseases as well.


Get yourself a workout companion. If you often skip your workout routine and find it one of those things that you would like to avoid, then get yourself a workout buddy. It will make your workout sessions interesting and help you make new friends as well.


Festivals are just about to start and we get into that overactive mood of eating. Learn the art of slow eating. Give your mind the time to send signals of how much you have consumed which is around 20 minutes. Now you know, why fine dining demands slow eating. It is all about taste and enjoying the meal.


Do the digital disconnect, at least once a week. Yes, it is quite difficult to cross the day without your phone, watching TV and hearing music. But you can do other stuff like take a walk, play with kids, read books and all the other things that you haven’t done for ages.


Don’t skip your meal, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Skipping even one meal can lead to hunger pangs and then you will eat just about anything you get your hands on. So, skip the added weight and enjoy each meal completely.


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