Relationships need nurture and care to come up in their real strength. This is mostly because relationships are delicate and they constantly need our attention. Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world healthy relationships are something that we assume will happen on its own. With new age concepts of relationship counseling.

and relationship therapy we hope to find quick fixes for our relationship problems.

But do you know what can turn personal life into a healthy relationship or a bad relationship? If you want to improve or work on your marriage relationship or husband wife relationship then here is some relationship advice that can help improve your relationship.

Teenage Relationship


Teenage is a very challenging time for your kids. They are going through numerous changes physically and mentally. Teenage relationship should be about giving them space to help them grow and accept the adult world around them. Believe me, it is not easy for them as kids as it is for you as parents. To have healthy relationship with your teenage daughter or son, become their friend. At this age they want to feel comfortable in your company, rather than being instructed around.


Love and Relationship

One important relationship question that every couple should ask when they are in love and relationship is what they expect from each other. Most love relationships fail when their core needs are not met. Actually, most couples are not even aware of their partner’s real needs. You are giving to your partner but not what they want. It is what you think they want. So, cross out the line between myth and reality. Be blunt and ask your partner what he expects from you. At least this way you know you can’t go wrong.

Same Vision, same Goal

In husband wife relationship, partner are supposed to have the same vision and the same goal. Work as a team, rather than fighting each other. Today, most marriage relationship find that they have different goals. So communicate with each other and share your thoughts on how life should be for you.

Even Fights can bring you Closer

If you are in a bad relationship, do you know how even your fights can bring you closer. Most couples argue and that is normal. But are these fights burning out the tension and bringing both of you closer or creating resentment that is slowly eating away your marriage relationship? Fights should clear any fog that is there but at the same time make your bond stronger. So, if there is trouble on the bay you guys will be still unbreakable.

Have Trust

One very common reason, couples reach out to relationship counseling or relationship therapy is lack of trust. Building a relationship on trust is the most crucial aspect of your relationship. If you don’t trust each other, you can’t move ahead. Have transparency in your relationship. Share everything with your partner and encourage your partner to do the same. Uncertainty and mistrust can crumble your love and relationship overnight.

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