Family Camping Tent

Family Camping Tent

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We are in the season of family camping and the most important part of camping is tents. Finding family tent camps is very essential in making your camping vacation a success or a total failure. If you feel that you know all about camping family tents, then check out these different types of family camping tents, before you make your selection.

Types of Family Tents

When you are selecting family camping tent then you are talking about overnight camping and definitely want the camp tents to be comfortable to sleep in. Here are some family camping tents to select from:

Cabin-style tents

Cabin style family tents are the easiest for going in and out. These camping tents have near vertical walls, giving more space. Some of these tents also come with additional features like room dividers and an awning.

Dome tents for camping

They are the bigger version of backpacking domes with superior strength and wind-shedding abilities. It is one of the best choices if you are camping with little kids. These family camping tents stand tall but their walls have a bit of slope that reduces space.

Screen rooms and sun shelters

These tents are best for day camps or enjoying a picnic. They can double as sleeping shelters if required. These family camping tents have mesh-walls so they are great for warm conditions to keep you safe from bugs but can’t give protection from rain.

Shopping for Best Family Camping Tents

You must have come across different costs of family camping tents when they all have the same features and look the same. Well, the actual difference comes from the materials used. Here are some tips to check the quality before buying a camping tent.

  • Poles: Go for aluminum. It is stronger and much more durable than fiberglass
  • Zippers: it is best to select YKK zippers as they resist snagging and breaking as compared to others
  • Materials: Higher-denier fabric canopies and rain flies are more strong compared to lower-denier ones.
  • Detailing: Select family tents with guyout loops as it lets you batten down the hatches in bad weather.

Family Camping Tent Setup

When you are selecting family camping tents, setting it up is also equally important. Here are some things that you should keep in mind.


Headroom in camp tents means the maximum height. If you want to stand up when changing clothes or just stretch yourself, then look for tall peak height tents.


Accessibility is important when it comes to camp tents for families. Does your camp tent have one door or two? What is the shape of the door and is it easy to close and open it. The best option for family camping tents in this segment is cabin style tents.


The pole structure of the camp tent is the determining factor on how easy or difficult it is to pitch a tent. If your camp tents have fewer tents then it sets up fast. Many tents have the combination of clips and short pole sleeves to balance the strength and easy setup. Select according to your preferences.

Rainfly Coverage

If you are planning an overnight stay then rainfly coverage is required in your camp tent. A rainfly is a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof of your tent. There are two options available, roof only rainflies and full-coverage rainflies.


Most of the family camp tents are freestanding. Simply putting it, you don’t require stakes to set it up. The biggest advantage of this is you can easily pick it up and push it to a different location.


Once you have decided whether you want a large family camping tent or normal size family camping tent, think of quality. If you go camping occasionally then a cheap camping tent can work. However, if family camping is a frequent summer activity you enjoy with your family then invest in a camping tent that can undergo wear and tear and still stays with you.


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