Tech Diva-Technology for Women

Tech Diva-Technology for Women

Who says women don’t understand technology. Tech diva is all about simplifying technology and making it work for ourselves. We use technology everyday without even realizing it. Right from social media platforms to connecting with friends to gadgets and apps, we have done it all. If you ever thought techie is a nerd sitting in front of PC cracking codes every day, then you are definitely wrong.

Check out these interesting aspects of technology and make your life simple, organized and easy.

Social Media


We all use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. But are you sure you have got it all covered. We have some interesting social media articles that help you crack these different social media platforms and work like an expert on them.

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Gadgets and Apps

We love our smartphones and different gadgets to make our life simpler. Whether it is the new iPhone or special apps for moms or kitchen gadgets, they are a part of our everyday life, helping to make it more organized and fun. Check out some interesting gadgets and apps articles in the tech diva section.

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Holidays and Personal Life

So, you thought technology is something that you only use when you sit with your lappie to write mails or does office work. Wrong! We use tech to plan our holidays, enjoy taking pics and then sharing them online. So, when half of our world is online then it’s important we get smart with technology and act like tech divas.

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Top Ways Women use Technology

  1. Women put a lot of importance in her personal networks and present herself exactly she conducts herself in her personal life, even if it is an avatar she is using.
  2. Mobiles and smartphones have become more like a jewelry piece that has to state their attitude and needs to be stylish. Of course it should function well as well.
  3. Businesswoman always looks for tablets, smartphones and apps so that they can keep tabs on just about every aspect of their life, even when they are on vacation.
  4. Women surf the net much more and for much longer intervals as compared to men. We love to shop online and do all our payments online.
  5. Women use technology to balance her work, children, people and her life. She uses mobile phones to manage her maid, homework, bedtimes with kids and all her household chores.
  6. More than 70% Facebook users are women.
  7. 100% of women lie on dating sites just like men. Even women go to adult sites to have occasional fun.
  8. Women text much more as compared to men.
  9. Women love kitchen and household gadgets.
  10. Women simply love apps that make life simple for them.

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