5 Ways to Connect to Hotel Wi-Fi

5 Ways to Connect to Hotel Wi-Fi

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5 Ways to Connect to a Hotel Wi-Fi

One of the things we desperately miss once we step out of our home Wi-Fi network is our Internet. So, definitely the selection criterion of hotels is to a certain extent dependent on the access to hotel Wi-Fi. Most of the hotels today provide Wi-Fi Internet access that includes the individual guest rooms and the lounge areas. Now, let’s get started with the 5 ways to connect to hotel Wi-Fi.

Check Device Capability

The first thing to do is switch on your Wi-Fi sign on your device. Today almost 95% of devices have Wi-Fi connectivity capability.

Identify the Hotel’s Wi-Fi Access Point

As soon as the Wi-Fi sign is on, your device will catch different available networks in the area. You need to know the name of your hotel’s Wi-Fi network to connect. Also remember your room number before moving on to the next step. Wi-Fi access is provided in some cases as per room plan or limited hours everyday. So, your check in and check-out will play a role here.

Ask for the Password or Security Code

Once you know the name of the hotel Wi-Fi and try to connect your device, it would prompt for a security code or sometimes redirect you to a website asking you to enter the room number and a password. You can get this access code from the hotel front desk. It’s generally reset once you check out. In simple words it works like an OTP with limited access.

Understand the Payment Model

While some hotels provide free Wi-Fi to its guests, others have a nominal fee attached. This fee will be attached to your total bill at the time of checkout. Remember to ask for the Internet usage fee. It’s possible you get cheaper Internet access at cyber café.

Connecting to More than One Device

Hotels also have a limitation on the number of devices that can be connected with each room. Get the information on how many devices can be connected at a single time and if there’re additional charges to connect more than one device.

Important Tip: Before you connect to a hotel Wi-Fi check if it’s a secured connection. Anything that’s a public network without password should be avoided for privacy and security.

So, the next time you’re traveling, enjoy high speed Internet access at your hotel.

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