Free Online Books for Kids: Children’s books on the internet

Free Online Books for Kids: Children’s books on the internet

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free online books for kids

We just about turn for everything to the Internet but did you know you can get free online books for kids as well? I am talking about kids books because the level of reading changes rapidly in kids and buying books every four months can get pretty expensive.

If you want to get your kids started on books then there’s no better option than free online kids books. They are interesting, colorful and a vast collection as well. Another great thing about these free books is that you don’t need an e-reader to enjoy these. Just a laptop or desktop or even tablet can get your kids started today.
Here are the best websites offering free online books for kids and for adults as well. Of course, my focus here are kids online books.

Free Kids Books

This is a website that has a huge collection of free online kids books. The site is interestingly done with bright colors making it fun for children. All books are free and gives you the option to either download a PDF version or read it online. Against each book it is specified for which age group is the book suitable and so you don’t really have to open each book to understand if your kid can read through it or not. Parents, do check this out before moving ahead. Read more>>

International Children’s Digital Library

This is one of my favorite websites for free books online for kids. The International Children’s Library has a collection of kids books from around the world making it a very extensive and rich collection. You will find children’s books in different languages and not limited to English only. This digital library has more than 2600 books in 48 languages. Read more>>

Kids World Fun

This website is just not limited to free online books for kids but has a whole range of activities and things that children simply love. There are study tips, facts, health tips and of course books. You can read each book online or download the PDF version that is colorful and interestingly done. To keep your kids engaged for a long time, check out this site. Read more >>

Library of Congress Digital Collection

This digital library may not be the best choice for small children. But for young kids who need information, do some basic research, the website is an absolute treasure. Here you will find different multimedia collection that would include interviews, photos, essays, scans and lots more. You need some amount of patience to navigate and find what you are looking for. But it is a good library for any kind of reference material. Read more>>


This is the last one in the list of free online kids books that has a huge collection of children’s ebooks. These online books are very easy to read, interestingly done and you are kids are going to ask you to help them read more and more each day. The site has a free preview where you can check out the collection of books available. However, if you want the entire collection you need to subscribe with the minimum amount of $30/3 months. Worth a try to keep them away from TV. Read more>>

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