Best Phones for Kids: 5 Great Smartphones in your budget

Best Phones for Kids: 5 Great Smartphones in your budget

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Your kid knows how to operate your phone better than you. His favorite mobile games are on your smartphones and his friends are on your speed dial. Find it a bit annoying? How about giving a phone to your kid? Here are the best phones for kids that are in your budget and can survive the naughty hands of your kids.

Kurio Smartphone for kids

Kurio is one of the best phones for kids, however it is little on the expensive side. Kurio is a great kids Android phone when we talk in terms of features. The smartphone let’s parents tracks their kids via GPS monitoring system and even allows the setting up of safe and danger zones within the phone’s map.

Kurio also includes a special kid-safe-Web-surfing feature that acts like a parental control and permits safe browsing. Another reason for this to be a top phone for kid is because it allows parents to monitor any of the phone’s contacts, phone calls, text messages or applications. Kurio smartphone for kids also gives you complete flexibility to select the cell phone provider, plan and even contracts.

FiLIP 2 Cell phone for kids

This is the most special kids phones in the entire list. This is a wearable device that has the dual functionality of a locator and a phone. This AT&T device can completely sync with a parent’s cell phone. All that is required is a downloadable app for iOS and Android. The app gives direct control over the watch’s user interface and lets you select safe zones for cell phone usage. Along with that FiLIP phone for kids also has built-in location services coming in 4 attractive colors. Parents can program the cell phone to handle inbound and outbound calls for up to five numbers. Parents will be able to send their children short text messages that flash on the watch’s main display.


Among the best phones for kids, Just5 is a simple smartphone for kids. The phone comes with large keys and bright monochrome display that makes using it a breeze. The phone gives parents the option of programming a list of emergency numbers to the phone’s SOS button. With just 1 click on the phone’s SuperButton, a kid can send out text messages and call up to 5 programmed numbers. This kids phone also includes a flashlight function that works even if the phone’s battery completely dies off.

LG’s Optimus Zone 2

LG’s Optimus Zone 2 is one of the best options for kids phones, especially those who are using it for the first time. This LG smartphone comes with an in built camera, gives access to text messages and even Google Play Store. Even though you may be hesitant whether or not to give a phone to your kid, you can relax and fine tune whatever you want before giving it out. This LG phone for kids has an interesting On-Call Notes feature that allows the phone to record call logs, giving parents the option to check on any conversations they had.


Kajeet is a complete service that can be tailored as per your requirement. Check out the website to select from the different options on phones available. You can select basic setup options for your kids and other setup options for yourself. You then go about selecting the kind of phone you require and the plan to suit your requirement. With just one account of Kajeet, you can get more than one customized user experience. This is a good option for kids phones that allow parents to block unwanted calls, track the child’s location via GPS and then set limits for when the phone can be used.

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