The Must Have Apps For Teenage Girls

The Must Have Apps For Teenage Girls

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Can you really use your smartphone without your apps? Well, what are our phones really without them being loaded with different apps. But do you have those ‘really must have’ apps for teenage girls or you look into your friend’s mobile and then download?

Check out this list of teen apps that will add some fun to your obvious schedule and make you a cool and smart diva.


Wanelo (WAnt-NEed-LOve) is an awesome shopping app that as a girl you just got to have. It lets you save items that you like and make it one big shopping wish list. Further, it is loaded with millions of stores with further million of goodies. You get alerts for the best deals, follow your favorite stores and even friends whose taste you admire.

  1. Whisper

Secrets are always so tempting. You just got to tell someone and of course, know what others are up to as well. Well, with this Whisper app, you can post your secrets anonymously and even read what others have submitted. Pretty cool right?


You can either start searching on YouTube for the latest trailers or just enjoy this app. Flixster is a movie app that lets you watch previews and trailers of movies. You can additionally put them on your want to see the list or just reject them. If you have already watched a movie, you can also rate it on this app. Doesn’t it make a cool teen app, girls?

  1. Mathway

Every once in a while we get stuck with that dreaded subject… Math. Well, this app can even fix that for you. Just pick the math type like basic math, pre-algebra, trigonometry etc. and then type in your problem. The app will solve the problem with all steps explained. This is, of course, one of the most used app by any teenage girl.

  1. Keeper

This is one stop solution for the complete mobile security. This app can hold all your passwords and usernames from all apps in one place and keep your data away from prying eyes. All you now need to know is one overall password and you are sorted. This is a must install app for teenage girls.

  1. Snapchat

You possibly already have this app on your phone. It is one of the best entertaining apps that are available. Add as many silly photos as you want and have a blast. But hey, your photos do get deleted automatically after some time.


Yes, the name says it all. No matter where you go, this app will help you find free internet hot spots. It just makes life super convenient and keeps you connected at all times. So, rather than using your data connection, just enjoy Free Wi-Fi wherever you are.

  1. My Cycles

Even though we don’t really want to accept it, most of us are quite forgetful when it comes to remembering our period dates and then we find more often than not in a stuck position. Well, now you can leave this worry to this app. It will keep track and alert you when your dates are close. So, no oops! cases anymore.

  1. Kik

This is a teen chat app that is highly popular with teenagers. One can sign in anonymously and chat with others. However, being anonymous also leaves one vulnerable. So, even though it is known as a popular app for teens, it is limited in parental control and if one is not careful, exploitation can happen.

  1. Songza

With so many apps out there, why Songza? Well, just because it has your kind of music. It will let you select songs as per your mood, environment and even energy level. You can go through the range of pre-made playlists or create your very own personalized version.

So, girls what is going to be the first teen app that you will download today?



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