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4th of July coloring pages

Want to enjoy 4th of July with a bit of patriotism and fun, then try these free printable 4th of July coloring pages for kids. These free coloring pages will keep your kids interested and also help them learn about the significance of 4th of July. In our collection of free printable fourth of July coloring pages we have flag coloring pages, free patriotic coloring pages and more.


All you need to do is print coloring pages for your kids and see them add colors to it. Remember to select the full page option. It is a simple and easy way to bring a range of coloring pages for your kids and help them learn and appreciate the importance of 4th of July.

US flag coloring page


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Women And Investing

We generally assume that money management comes easy to women. But then if each one of us has got it then how come there are so many money management tips for women on the net? The biggest challenge compared to men is each working women find themselves in unique situations like home maker, mom, caring for elders, divorced and lots more. Working women also face a much larger disruption in earnings in their life as compared to men. They have to take career breaks for different reasons like relocation due to marriage, raising children, pregnancy, accommodating family requirements etc.

If we look at all these things from a finance aspect or money management angle then it is sure to hurt the family’s wealth creation. And even though a man and woman may have started their careers at the same time, a woman ends up earning far less when both of them retire.

Even taking all odds into account, women of today need to be in control of their finances and that she needs to do from an early age so that she can make up for the breaks that she would require to take between her careers. If we really talk about women empowerment, then it can only happen when no one needs to tell you how to live your life or spend your money.

Here are some money management tips that will help women to handle their finances better.

Get an Early Start

Start managing your finances early on. As you start early, you can invest small amounts that can over the years give you higher returns. Also when you start early and do investments parallel to it, you will be able to take greater risks like investing in mutual funds, equities and more. You also need to build an emergency fund. Ideally it should be your 6 months’ monthly expenses pushed as liquid fund.

Narrow your Expenses

It is very important for working women to cut down on their expenses and spending money where you really require it. You even need to train your children to do the same.

Plan Finances Together

Another smart working women money management tips is to plan your finances together when you are married. Invest together with your spouse. Share expenses so that all expenses are covered by one income and the other person’s income goes as savings. Avoid loans as much as possible. Discuss all money matters with each other.

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Financial Benefits for Women

There are different laws that give different benefits to women. Here are some finance laws that are for women:

  • Income Tax Act, 1961 – Total income of up to Rs 190000 per year is exempted for woman assesses (below 65 years of age).
  • Married Women’s Property Act, 1874: Under MWP the partner can assign his life insurance policy in the name of the trust created for the benefit of his wife and/or children. The money set aside in this form is free from creditors, court or tax attachments (even in case of insolvency) forever, provided that the trust under MWP has not been affected to defraud the creditors. The MWP Act, 1874 creates a ring fence protecting the interests of the beneficiaries and safeguards the family against uncertainty of future and possible adverse financial conditions.
  • Alimony: the main aim of alimony is to avoid any unfair economic results of a divorce. Even though property is divided and child support responsibilities shared, a husband needs to give some amount as alimony.

Property Investment

If you are jointly investing in a property or estate, then the surviving spouse; most of the time women is likely to carry out the execution of her husband’s property plans. So, you just can’t afford to be ignorant about it. It is best to keep an inventory of assets to carry out smooth transitions.

Get a Financial Planner

If you feel that finances are something that you just can’t handle with your busy lifestyle, take the help of a good financial planner. There are even personal financial software available that can help you to a large extent.

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Play date etiquette is something that we generally overlook, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Most of us think, it is just kids playing together, and you can hardly discipline that action. But just like we need to be particular about our play date invitations and play date invitation wordings we also need to be particular about play date etiquette.

To make sure play dates are fun for both kids and parents, here are some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to play dates.

Play Date DO’s

Dress code: make sure your kid is appropriately dressed. The clothes should be clean and simple hygiene things like brushing your teeth, cut nails should be looked into. Wash the child’s face and brush their hair, before sending them off to the play date.

Be Punctual: just because it is a play date, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be punctual. May be the other kids want to start off some activities and games and long delays are only going to make them miserable.

Snacks: Yes, you are dropping off your kid at someone’s place. But play date etiquette demands that you bring a snack of some sort. Homemade breads, cookies, salads for lunch will always be welcome and you can never go wrong with them.

Diapers: if you are going to a infant play date and your kid requires diaper change, then come prepared with a good supply of wipes and diaper rash crème and diapers of course. The same rule applies for bottle feeding as well. Carry your own formula and measuring supplies, bottles etc.

Play Date Rules: you need to make your kid understand the play date rules when they are at someone else’s house. They are:

  • Say ‘thanks’ when you are given something
  • Be helpful in any way that is possible.
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Be polite in conversation
  • Avoid running around the house or shout from outside if playing in the lawn.
  • Remind the kid, even if other kids misbehave, he needs to be polite.

Sharing: your child needs to understand the concept of sharing. If there are some special toys they just don’t share, don’t send it along with the kid. But in general, teach him to play together and share things with others.

Avoid Meltdowns: toddler tantrums or meltdowns are annoying and embarrassing. Tell, your kids in advance the time you will come to pick them up in advance so that they are no meltdowns to deal with.

Contact details: if you are dropping your kids off, make sure you leave your contact numbers where you can be reached. You just don’t know what may come up in a play date. Be a responsible parent and have your phone with you at all times. It is also best to give an alternate number, just in case….

 Play Date Don’ts

Sickness: if your kid is suffering from cold, cough or any other health issue then don’t take them to a play date. It is completely unfair to the host family, no matter how much your kid longs to go.

Late Coming: don’t be late to pick your kid up. Whatever time is given, make sure you reach at time. If you are badly stuck somewhere, try to make alternate arrangements and inform the host.

No family tag alongs: don’t bring siblings to the play date for your other children. This may put the host in an uncomfortable situation. As a play date etiquette, try to arrange play dates of their own.

Take things easy: don’t scold or severly discipline children while they are on a play date. This only makes everyone uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Your dress code: dress appropriately as a parent. Wearing high heels and skinny jeans with a sexy top is not going to help you have fun with the kids. Wear something that gives you the freedom to do different activities with kids.

Don’t Brag: you just don’t have to brag about your kid. All of us think that our kids are the best, but it is best when we hear it naturally from others, rather than blowing our own trumpet.

Share with us some more do’s and don’ts for play date etiquettes to make our list more comprehensive.

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As moms we are always looking to strike the balance between work and our personal life. Yes, we want a career but we also want to see our kids grow and spend good and lots of time with them. When mothers look for a job, they specifically want it to support their need for a work life balance. This is one struggle the modern women is facing and it is just not getting sorted out…at least the way we hope it to be.

My Kids are Important to Me

Most companies think that if moms have opted to work, then they will automatically see their kids grow up on their own. But that doesn’t happen. According to a recent survey done by BranchOut on stay-at-home moms who are considering going back to work, the emphasis is on quality time at home. Moms have all the skill set to work and earn a good salary, but not by ignoring their kids. Around 86% of moms surveyed said that they are always on a look out for job that gives them a work life balance. 42% moms stated that most important thing is quality.

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Tips for Working Moms

When moms go back to work, they want to do something that they love. It helps in killing that momma guilt that is so there. According to the survey, 32% that loving what you do is very important. There has to be a reason to justify your leaving your kid behind and spending your day at work. So, if you want to be a working mom then this tip will really work. Another 9% also stated that they need to love where they work as well.

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Salary is Important

One of the most surprising things that came out in this survey was that only 7.2% of moms said that monetary compensation was the most important thing when they look for work life balance. The study indicated that more than half of the moms work because their families are dependent on their income.

Part Time Work

If you ask a mom how she would like to work, then her answer would be part time work. When asked whether moms like to work full time or part time, more than half of moms choose to part time work whereas 17.2% prefer full time and around 27.5% would love to work full time from home. Other than salary, moms wish to return to work to get their life back in gear with a chance to interact with adults, practice a skill they are good at and achieve a bit of independence.

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Does the term monthly household budget push you against the wall? Well, friend you are not alone…

Household budget is something I have avoided for years and simply because I just can’t handle anyone or anything telling me how to spend my money. But unfortunately it only got me in a big financial mess where my home budget was all over the place. Every month, I would overspend and silently push the bills to my credit cards so that it didn’t scare me in the face.

Finally, I have accepted that I can’t do without my monthly household budget, just like my house can’t do without a blueprint.  The way I put it now is my road to savings and investment, so at the end of the month I can smile. There are some basics that can help your home budget in place. So, let’s check these out.

What’s your Monthly Take Home?


Well, this is simple right, so just put it down. Since, the heavy part of our expenses is mostly billed, figure out how much you have to spend every month. If you want to merge the income of both you and your partner then it is best that you go for an average monthly income.

Start off with fixed bills like rent, mortgage, car payment, credit card debt and insurance. Now look into the other monthly expenses that remain more or less the same month on month. Define these as essential fixed expenses.

List your Essential Variable Expenses

So, the bills are covered, now put down the amounts that keep varying like phones, utilities, food, household expenses, gasoline, medication, public transportation, shoes and clothing. Put an estimated amount based on past expenses.

List Reasonable Amounts for Nonessential Expenses

This is also an important part of your household budget. So, this should include entertainment, eating out, hobbies and other ways you spend money on a regular basis.

Now find the Extras

Now look for the other household expenses that may have been left out. Look out for things like car maintenance and repair, gifts, vacations, Christmas and holidays. For household budget expenses that don’t happen every month, determine the annual cost and then divide by 12 to see how much you are setting aside each month to understand the irregular household expenses.

Do the Math

Now all you need to do is add all your expenses and then subtract from your monthly income. Hopefully, you have a little money left. But if your expenses have exceeded your monthly income then the figure is going to be in negative.

Simple Budget Worksheet

Now you need to look at areas where you can save so that your monthly expenses can be cut down on. First focus on your non-essential household expenses. What are the expenses that can be completely done away with like eating out, hobby expenses, shopping etc. keep on doing this till your expenses are less than your income.

Now Put this Household Budget in Practice

Yes it is easier done on paper rather than practicing it month on month. So, implement it and then check after a month to see what you planned as household budget and how close or far you are from it. If required, start once more from the start to get it right.

Household Budget Template

If you think all of this is overwhelming, then I have got it even more simplified for you. Here is a household budget template that actually takes care of all these steps. This budget template is absolutely free. Download this excel for household budget and make your monthly budget simple. Add the figures in the respective columns and the rest will be done by the household budget template. You can even take a print out and maintain a record of your household expenses.

Free Household Budget Template

Let us know if these household budget tips and household budget template was useful and helped you in any way.