6 Ways To Select The Right Bra Size

6 Ways To Select The Right Bra Size

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Are you comfortable in what you are wearing?

Dress comfort is not only about your out-fits but your inner-fits as well. If you want to feel comfortable, confident and assured then selecting the right bra and innerwear play the most important role.

Here are some 6 ways to select the right bra size and help you understand if you had been wearing the wrong bra size all along.

You’re spilling out on the sides

Yes, you want a bit of cleavage to be seen, especially if you are wearing a push-up bra. However, if you are literally spilling from the sides or flowing over the tops of the cups, you are wearing the wrong size my friend. Don’t settle for a size that is not fitting well, just because you want to be a particular size. Do you really tell what size you are, or it is more about looking good in your outfits?

It hurts

Are you feeling pain, when you are wearing the bra? If your brassiere is causing pain in any way, then it definitely can’t fit you right. The bra straps should not dig into your shoulders or fall down. You can try to adjust the fitting, but if still doesn’t work out, then you need to try another fit.

Underwire issues

Does your bra’s underwire cut into your breasts? Well, it is not an unknown problem. If you select a bra that is too small for you, then it would lead to underwire cutting and digging into the underside of your breasts. Of course, that can’t make you comfortable, right?
The underwire of the bra should be just against your ribcage below your breasts. If it is not touching your ribcage, then it basically means that you need a bigger band.

The band moves up

One of the biggest indications that you are wearing the wrong bra size is that the band just moves up your back. This is a common problem in small framed women, simply because they have lesser options to select from. The bra band should be a cozy and snug fit. You should be able to slip one or two fingers beneath it. One of the smart ways to identify the right band size is to make sure it is somewhat level all the way around your body. The bra should also fit nicely on the middle hook. It should have space to let you extend to the outer hook if you gain some weight and the inner hook if you lose weight.

There is a gap

It is not always about the smaller size. Sometimes, we also make the mistake of selecting the bigger size. So, if you notice baggy, gaping or wrinkly cups then you need to select one size small. There shouldn’t be any gap between your bra and your breasts. The fabric should lie flat against your skin. If this is not the case, then it is possible that you are wearing the wrong size band.

You are facing health problems

Health problems can be triggered due to many reasons, but even the wrong bra size plays a role. You may suddenly see health conditions like back pain, indigestion restricted breathing, poor posture, headaches and neck pain.

Share with us other important pointers that you think important while selecting a right size of bra.


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