Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Techie Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Techie Mom

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Your mom has always bought you gifts and surprised you with goodies when you least expected them. On this Mother’s Day, it is your turn to surprise her and gift her stuff that she would really love. Check out, these Mother’s Day gift ideas for the techie mom and let her enjoy a gadget cool Mother’s Day.

iPhone 6s

Does your mom need a smartphone upgrade? Well, when we talk about smartphones, we never really run out of options. How about getting her the new iPhone 6s? The other hot Smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One. Your mom is going to love her new smartphone and it is definitely going to take pride in your choice.

Amazon Kindle

If your mom loves to read, then Kindle by Amazon is one e-reader that she is definitely going to love. The basic version offers a 7-inch multi-touch color screen and 8 GB of storage. With this amount of space, your mom can store up to 6,000 books and 80 apps on her e-reader. Other than books, the Kindle can also stream TV shows and movies from Amazon’s App store. So, if she loves the technology edge to reading, this is one of the best mother’s day gifts that you can give her.

Samsung DV150F Camera

If you find a young mom around you, trying hard to capture all the special moments but it just seems to slip away from her, then she must check out the Samsung DV150F camera. By simply using the ‘children’s mode’ she can show an animated cartoon video on the front screen to capture the kid’s attention while she clicks away. Isn’t it a really cool Mother’s Day gift idea for techie mom.

Washable Keyboard

This is a mother’s day gift idea that is extremely useful for work from home moms. Imagine, getting down to work and then your kid comes and spills something on your keyboard. Actually, you don’t have to imagine too hard, it is a common if you are a mom, right? But the Logitech Washable Keyboard, takes the hassle out of cleaning a keyboard, without dusting or vacuuming. This keyboard can actually be cleaned with a dishwashing liquid and even submerged in water up to 11 inches.

PlayStation Vita

Who says, play station is only for boys? If your mom enjoys playing video games with you, then how about giving her the PlayStation Vita, that is the successor to the PlayStation Portable. This PlayStation comes with a 5-inch touch screen, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even optional 3G.

Samsung ATIV Tab 5

A mother’s day gift that makes life easy for her is what Samsung ATIV Tab 5 is all about. This gadget works great as a tablet and a laptop, with just a click of a button. You put it on your desk and it has a sleek and compact look. You put it in your purse and it is ready to travel and shop with you. Isn’t it pretty awesome?

Share with us more mother’s day gift ideas and we will add it to our list.

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