Kill Shopping Temptations in 5 Easy Ways

Kill Shopping Temptations in 5 Easy Ways

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Shopping temptations

One of the common problems that I am always fighting is the spending urge. There is always a valid reason to buy that thing. Unfortunately, when the credit card statement comes, things don’t seem to be that justified. Check out these most common shopping temptations and ways to overcome it.

1. It’s on Sale

The word sale is the biggest temptation that makes me rush to malls, even though I don’t know what I need. I automatically think of 10 things that are expensive and I need a bargain deal.
The buying industry around us knows this. The entire Groupon business and different outlets have survived on this temptation. So, if you just can’t resist it, go check out and enjoy sale shopping. But don’t look at how much discount you are getting. Focus on how much you will pay for it and then ask if you really need it.

2. Shopping Temptation as a treat

When you are really working your butt off then you also feel that you need to give yourself a treat and hence shopping. Buying nice stuff for yourself is always a feel good factor. If you want to escape your work stress, then spending money is not the answer. There are many different things that can make you feel good. Try reading a book, doing some exercise or just spending time with yourself. It will also make you feel good.

3. Got a raise

This is another thing that can get highly imbalanced. The moment, you have more money in your salary account, you are tempted to go shopping. The excuse in your head is, ‘let me shop for that think that was out of my budget so far.’ And once you have raised your bar then it stays that way. If you need something desperately, try to squeeze it out from your old wage and then you will at least save on what extra you are earning.

4. It’s holiday time

Holidays are again one of the biggest reasons to shop without a cap. You have the right reason to buy one more pair of shoes, that perfect centerpiece for your house or that dinner set to welcome your guests. Fact is, you will have to spend on gifts and decorations to a large extent. So, can you save on the other things. Is it possible to live with what you already have?

5. Everyone has it

Your friend showed her new purse and tomorrow you have also got it. Sounds similar? We women get influenced very easily. So, even if you have 5 purses already, you just need to have that. When your friend shared her shopping treat, you also secretly started longing for it and viola you have spend your money. Did you really need it? Not really, but then she had it.

If this is happening to you, then you need to steel yourself. Always tell yourself, you were not looking for it in the first place, so you don’t really need it. If it still tempts you, write it down somewhere as your wish list and then keep it for some time in the future.

So, the next time the shopping bug pokes you, remember you know how to kick it out.

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