What Does Relationship Mean?

What Does Relationship Mean?

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Relationship Definitions for Today

What Does Relationship Mean

Yes that’s a question that’s so difficult to answer nowadays. So, what does relationship mean? Is it being in an intimate relationship with your partner, sharing Facebook updates with your friends, bitching about your colleagues at work or eating dinner as a family?

Well being in a relationship is all this and much more. Let’s see the real definition of relationships to start with.

Yes, now we know the truth. So, to give some shape to our beautiful world, read through the real meaning of being in a relationship.

1. Have Faith, Freedom & Friendship

Friendship is not limited to friends only. Our parents are our friends, our annoying bro and sis are our first pals and yes all the pampering we got from our grandparents…have you forgotten that. No matter what type of relationship you have, it needs to contain faith, freedom and the coziness of friendship.

2. Give Time, Get Time

We are all time poor right? But even 2 minutes a day to let that person know is important. Don’t you expect the same thing? So just give time and you’ll surely get time. It’s all about priorities and that you have got sorted…right?

3. Patience

Again a rare virtue today but it’s the only way relationships can survive. So what if he forgot to call you or didn’t attend your birthday bash? You are mature adult then why let your emotions run all over. Deal with it with patience. It can save a lot of negatives for many.

4. Share

Share happy times and sad ones as well. We used to share our lunch boxes as kids, then today why can’t we share our thoughts. It’s not going to harm you if it doesn’t do any good.

5. Be Yourself

Pretension can’t last long. Remember those emotions….happy, angry, smile etc. They all come naturally. So most importantly be yourself. Being in a relationship means to grow.
So start today and be in a real relationship.

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