Turn-Ons For Girls That You Need To Know

Turn-Ons For Girls That You Need To Know

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turn-ons for girls

What can really be turn-ons for girls? Is it something romantic or sexy or completely emotional stuff. Well, girls like extremely simple stuff that guys generally ignore. So, guys if you are really thinking what can turn on your girl, check this list out.

Play with her hair

A gentle touch or running your fingers lightly through her hair will definitely turn her on. Just run your fingers through her hair and see how she reacts to it.

Act like a gentleman

Yes, we live in the world of gender equality but politeness and chivalry always pay off. Opening the doors and pulling the chairs out are sure to get that appreciative look from your girl. So, simply put, if you treat her with respect, she will think of it as a wonderfully sweet gesture.

A bit of warmth in public as well

Don’t act as a complete stranger when you are in public. Light touches, holding hands and a warm hug are those cute little things that are total turn-ons for girls. Try it out!

Surprise her

Don’t try to do it everyday otherwise, it wouldn’t be surprising, but once in a while, it is something that any person will like, including your girl. Do simple stuff like do the laundry or wash the dishes or make the bed. Just pick up something, that you generally never do and surprise her by doing it on that day.

Quick make out

A quick kiss is not the only thing that a girl appreciates. She also wants to make out once in a while, of course, she will not say it. So a bit of grinding, some suckles on the lips, some tongue and it will be one of the biggest turn ons for girls.

Listen to her

This you actually have to do with complete sincerity. Don’t just filter information but give it your 100%. Pay good attention to what she’s saying and repeat it back. Take a note of the small things she shared and do it for her. Like, did she just share her fantasy of dining at that fancy restaurant? Well, why not book a table?

Light massages

A girl will never refuse this. Start with a light shoulder massage, then move to back and then thighs. It is a big turn ons for girls. To give her a great time, use some massage oils. It not only builds the mood but relaxes her as well.

Show your affection for her

If you care about her then you should also know how to show it to her. Whether through light and soft touches, a peck on the cheek or just smile when you look at her, show you care. It is sure to bring you both closer.

Give her space

Woman need their space just like men. Know when she is in a bad mood and let her be. If she needs some time alone, you need to respect that. She will come back to you when the rage inside her settles down.

Be her strength

She doesn’t need you to have six pack abs, but she should feel protected when she is around you. When she is nervous, you can calm her down, in an emergency, you take the lead and protect her if ever placed in danger. This all will come when she is comfortable with you and knows you will stand by her, no matter what.

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