Your Relationship Asks For Boundaries But Have You Set Them?

Your Relationship Asks For Boundaries But Have You Set Them?

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Relationships are complicated and when it gets entangled with unspoken emotions, it becomes further more complicated. Hence, we need boundaries. Things that will keep our sanity and of course our partner’s sanity as well. So, if you want to maintain an appropriate equilibrium in your relationship, then these boundaries are a must in your personal space.

So, what you can call each other

One of the foundations for any relationship is being pals. And once in a while casual name calling, shouldn’t get raised eyebrows. But, can your partner handle it? Well, you need to find that out.

The little fights

Yes, we all know how that goes. Either the partner wants space and wants to be alone when they’re mad or need to talk about things and fix it at that very moment. Do you know, what’s the preferred choice here?

The Me times

It’s really not possible to be together 24/7 and you just have to be apart at some given time. Decide on the space that both of you need and avoid getting suffocated in a relationship.

Your social interaction is also important

Not all chapters of your relationship should be open for social display. Of course, you can share the happy moments but check how much each of you are comfortable with.

How much do you want to share?

What are you really comfortable sharing, bank accounts, passwords or your favorite fries. No matter, what’s your preference it shouldn’t communicate lack of love or trust. Hence, speak openly and let your partner know what you are comfortable with.

Is flirting okay?

Some couples feel that relationships shouldn’t bind them down and casual flirting is actually healthy. But again, this concept can lead to friction and the only way to resolve it is having a clear talk and having some boundaries that you are not supposed to cross.

There are of course other things that define limits for couples and each one of them is important. So, rather than keeping things bottled up, just talk and set the boundaries for your relationship.


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