Online Dating

Online Dating

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Virtual world has pretty much changed the way we do things in today’s world. When you want to catch up with friends it’s Facebook rather than phone, when you want to do business its Skype rather than business meetings. Actually, today thanks to virtual world we can actually get pretty much anything done right from our living rooms or even the kitchen table.

The virtual world has changed what we share and how we share and this has touched our lives in more than one way…like our relationships. If today you want to meet someone at work or college we get online. In fact about 20% of single people in US use online dating service to find their soul mate or if nothing else at least a Saturday night date.

Check out this great infographic and look how our relationships and courtships are more online vs face to face meetings. You can choose to smile at it or even take it seriously, but you definitely can’t ignore it. If you have a relationship then you are definitely online.



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