Mom I love you: 100 Ways to Express on Mother’s Day

Mom I love you: 100 Ways to Express on Mother’s Day

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100 reasons why i love my mom

Moms are magical. Every time you think about them you get a smile on your face. The memories are sweet, the love is pure and her dedication incomparable. On Mother’s Day I reached out to my readers and asked them to share their thoughts and feelings about their mothers.

With an overwhelming response filled with love and emotions our readers have poured out their heart. Here is what each of them had to say. I love you mom….on this Mother’s Day.

100 Reasons to say Mom I love you

  1. “I wouldn’t be what I am without her”.
  2. “She learnt to swim to teach me swim.”
  3. “She is my ready reference recipe book.”
  4. “She has solutions to all my problems.”
  5. “She holds all of us together.”
  6. “My mom taught me to stand up for myself and for others.”
  7. “Her style always inspires me.”
  8. “Mom always knows when to give me space and when to hug me close.”
  9. “She took care of me when everyone else was too busy to even give me a thought.”
  10. “My mom is a deal grabber. She gets me a far better deal as compared to the online sales.”
  11. “She loves my kids, even in their worst meltdowns.”
  12. “In the stressful world when I forget who I am really, she reminds me and pulls me up.”
  13. “Mom always knows where my things are, no matter how many times I lose them.”
  14. “She always takes my call, no matter what.”
  15. “My mom is the toughest woman I know. She is my mom and dad both.”
  16. “Every time she visits me, she cleans my bookshelves.”
  17. “She still has trophies and prizes that I got as a kid.”
  18. “My mom always gives me honest answers to even the toughest questions.”
  19. “I think I am a lot like her and I am proud of it.”
  20. “She planned an awesome wedding for me.”
  21. “I can always count on her for home improvement advice.”
  22. “She remembers all important things of my life, even though I forget them.”
  23. “She keeps on learning new things all the time.”
  24. “Her smile makes all things fine.”
  25. “I completely admire all the volunteer work she takes up.”
  26. “She stood by me in all my toughest decisions of life.”
  27. “She knows that there are some things in life she can’t help me with.”
  28. “She listens patiently when I go on blabbing about the most ridiculous things of life.”
  29. “She is a fantastic cook.”
  30. “She is the only one who understands my point of view every time.”
  31. “She is the only one who still makes all my holidays and birthdays special.”
  32. “My mom makes sure I wear a jacket on a cold day.”
  33. “She works so hard even at this age.”
  34. “She still accepts all my tantrums.”
  35. “No matter what you need, she always has it in her purse.”
  36. “She is my number one fan.”
  37. “She connects me back to my childhood and to my roots.”
  38. “She knew I was reading under my covers and she let it be.”
  39. “Mom lets me know that I make her proud.”
  40. “She lets me have pancakes for supper.”
  41. “Those 1000 games of snake and ladder she let me win.”
  42. “For those 6000 school lunches she packed for me.”
  43. “She knows when I am changing subject and don’t want to talk about something.”
  44. “She still sends hand-written letters to my kids and me.”
  45. “She loves to give advice, especially when I accept it.”
  46. “I have no idea how she managed to raise 7 kids.”
  47. “She has kept many of my secrets from dad.”
  48. “My mom has always believed in me.”
  49. “She taught me that being a good human is more important than being rich.”
  50. “She has taught me to smile even in the toughest times.”
  51. “She taught me to believe in myself.”
  52. “She taught me to make the perfect grilled sandwich.”
  53. “I love it when she plays piano.”
  54. “She knows what to forget and what to remember.”
  55. “She has forgiven me for my mistakes.”
  56. “Surprisingly she always calls me when I am thinking about her.”
  57. “Whether it is runny nose, fevers or heart breaks. She is the best nurse ever.”
  58. Even when she was angry with me I knew she loved me.”
  59. “Because of her I love ice-creams.”
  60. “She is my best hairstylist.”
  61. “She sewed all my fancy dresses for me.”
  62. “She asks how my dog is doing when she doesn’t like dogs.”
  63. “I can still reach out to her for a warm hug.”
  64. “She gets my kids new clothes for back to school.”
  65. “Just by the sound of my voice, she knows something is wrong.”
  66. “She is completely honest. She has never lied to me in her entire life.”
  67. “She loves my television shows, just because I do.”
  68. “Whether it is good news or bad news, she is the first one to hear.”
  69. “My mom likes everything I post on Facebook.”
  70. “She taught me good manners and they are really important.”
  71. “She is completely genuine. She doesn’t pretend to be anyone but herself.”
  72. “She told me I was excellent in ballet, when I was terrible.”
  73. “She always had the recipe, especially when I was stuck with my recipe.”
  74. “She is quite dominating, especially when I need it the most.”
  75. “She’s one of the most patient women in the world.”
  76. “My mom always hugs me even if I don’t.”
  77. “She loves bright colors and makes things around bright as well.”
  78. “Even though I live in a different country, she still finds time to call me.”
  79. “My mom taught me the importance of persistence.”
  80. “She is my best friend.”
  81. “From my mom I understood what the love of a mom is.”
  82. “She is as good a grandmom as a mother.”
  83. “Even though she was upset with me, I knew she loved me.”
  84. “She has taken me to the most amazing trips of my life.”
  85. “My mom has always put family first, even pushing her career aside.”
  86. “She supported me through all the weird fashion phases I went through.”
  87. “She has always helped me find the best even in the worst of situations.”
  88. “My mom refuses to let me completely grow up.”
  89. “She always managed to smell and look great without any expensive products.”
  90. “She has solutions to problems that she herself has never dealt with.”
  91. “For the simple reason, she put her faith in my faith.”
  92. “She never showed that she was scared of my decision.”
  93. “Her determination and will is completely admirable.”
  94. “You manage to baby sit my kids for hours via video chat.”
  95. “She is fantastic in picking baby names.”
  96. “Even with age, her sense of adventure has not died.”
  97. “She has inculcated reading habit in me and my kids.”
  98. “She comes up with spontaneous solutions to no matter what problem.”
  99. “Even though she is long gone, I still get inspired by her every day.”
  100. “She is the first one to know what’s wrong with me.”


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