Is He Gay?

Is He Gay?

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The One Question Everyone Refuses To Answer

is he gay

Has it ever occurred that close friend that hangs out with you all the time, is possibly gay? Well, the first reaction is of course not…. However, isn’t it better to be sure? Please don’t make the mistake of asking him, you will never get a straight answer. But these signs can surely hint and give you good enough signs whether he is straight or gay.

 Personal Grooming

Well, men are known to care very less about their personal grooming. Possibly, it would consist of deos, few perfumes and maybe some creams. One sign can be how meticulous is he about his grooming. Check the products he owns. What is the kind of time he takes to get ready on a regular day. If it’s around 2 hours then it is fine. However, if it goes beyond it then it could be telltale signs of he being gay.

Where is he looking?

Who is your friend really looking at when you are out with him? Just like other guys, is he also checking out other girls or his eyes are moving from one man to the other? If he is trying to make eye contact with men, then in all possibility he is more interested in them.

The game avatars

Observe the characters he picks when he is playing any game. Gay men generally pick female characters or hunky men characters. Another great observation is, gay men play as Storm almost always, however straight men select from a range of men.  So, just observe what he picks.

What are the compliments coming your way

What is the way he is complimenting you? Is this guy telling you that your skinny jeans should be worn with high heels rather than snickers and complimented with that jacket of yours? Well, gay guys have a great taste in fashion and you will not find them as regular guys who are least interested in your shopping spree and changing fashion trends.

What are the favorite TV shows

Do you find this guy enjoying serials that you also like and he prefers programs that are mostly termed as typical ‘female’? So, right from beauty pageants to soap operas, he simply enjoys watching them with you. Well, it is great, but hey remember, he may just be gay.

He hates gays

This may come as a surprise, but he may be completely against gay men. This reaction is basically to avoid people from guessing he is gay. However, just be careful when drawing a conclusion, as most straight men also can’t stand gay guys.

The Final Showdown

Even after all the signs, you still feel confused, check this infographic. Hopefully, you will be able to get your answer. is he gay

Even though your friend may be giving mixed signals, see if he is comfortable talking about it. If not, then discuss it out with your other friends. Maybe you can take the help of other guy friends. At the end of it all, he is your friend and that’s what matters most.

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