How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

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how to make him fall in love with you

One of the most common struggles of every girl is to make ‘that’ man fall for you. So, he likes you, and you like him but how to change this like to love? can you really do some little titbits that will make you grab your man’s attention in that special way. Perhaps these tips can help.

Enjoy being yourself

Before you try to make anyone else fall in love with you, love yourself. If you try to fake any part, sooner or later he will see through it. You will definitely want the person to love the real you. So, be yourself, no matter what.

Pay attention to your appearance

Well, you don’t have to go to any extreme to look pretty. Neither is a new haircut required or a wardrobe change. Just pay a little more attention when you mix and match your outfits. Pick out things that bring out your best features. Compliment it with a little makeup, a bright smile and a light perfume. Well-groomed people always make an impression.


Do you think, flirting is not the right way to go about it? But on the contrary, it just might work for you. Guys just love that extra bit of attention and the special treatment they get. So, those light subtle flirting signs will really help in grabbing the attention.

Space and freedom both are much needed

If the guy is considering you as the girlfriend material, he will definitely try to gauge you as well. It is important that you give him freedom so that he is comfortable in coming back to you. If you give the guy the impression that he is going to be tied down, then he’s sure to run away. Let me know that you value his time with his friends, his playing sports and whatever that he enjoys doing.

Don’t spill it out completely

Who doesn’t like a bit of mystery? When you talk about yourself, hold back some details that can add a bit of mystery to your personality. Keep him guessing, trying to understand you better so that he always finds you intriguing.

Charming, witty and smart always work

When you try to be unique and different, it always gets the attention of the guys. You have to make an effort to stand out of all the other girls. Yes, the charming, witty and smart way really works. No man really wants a Barbie doll anymore. So, keep those girly gossips limited to yourself.

A bit of physical contact

A bit of physical contact can definitely pull your man closer to you. When you try to get the attention of your man, a light touch on the arm or a light kneeling on the shoulder will get you smiles and a warm, sweet feeling.

Listen earnestly

This not only holds true when you trying to get the attention of that guy, but for every relationship. Guys love to talk about themselves and a girl who actively listens to them is always found charming. So, the simplest thing to do is listen more and talk less. Participate in the conversation, but the equation has to be 20-80.

Feel and look happy around him

If you want the guy to feel that you are attracted to him, then you need to reciprocate the same feeling. So be sweet and laugh a lot when you are with him. We don’t mean, laughing at just about every word, but being happy as a person and enjoying the time you share with each other. When people are happy, they smile more and so should you.

Eye contact

Look him in the eye and let your emotions speak. If you are trying to make the guy fall in love with you, look deep into his eyes. Your eyes will show interest and express those unsaid words as well. However, remember to be attentive, otherwise, it will look like a blank stare.

Be trustworthy

Your man needs to trust you, over and above anything else. Keep your little secrets to yourself. Rather than spilling every small detail with your girlfriends, treasure those moments. And of course, you should definitely not think about flirting with other men.

It is quite simple to get the man you want, yet your heart and your mind both should want it in full earnest.


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