Girl Things: Stuff that Every Girl Does

Girl Things: Stuff that Every Girl Does

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girl things

Girl things…yes, you, me and every other girl out there does these things so unique to us…girls. Even though we really don’t think about ourselves this way, this is who we are and I must say, we are pretty cute. Not sure, what am I talking about? Just go through these slides and then let me know if you agree or not. And guys, you need to know this, if you have a woman in your life.

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Yes, now you get the picture. Girl things are special and the way we see it, life is so much more complicated for us. So, ladies let’s take a few more fun steps. Let’s expose those hidden secrets of girls that are of course out there but no one really accepts or talks about it.

Girls hate to Shave Too

Seen wearing pants, even in summers, we probably didn’t shave last night or even the night before. It can be safe to say, shaving not scheduled for the last one week. Armpit shave? Well sleeves look so much cooler.

We Barely Wash Our Bras

One of the girl things and don’t make that face, we don’t wash our bras daily. You know you have done it, one time or the other. The logic… I didn’t really sweat today, so repeat….and repeat….repeat. You lost the count, right?

We Go for Long Periods without a Hair Wash

Yes, even if we are the biggest critic of our men’s hygiene factor, we manage to go without hair wash for a week sometimes. Of course, we have our own little secrets…like dry shampoo to manage our appearances.

We Pick Our Noses Too

Driving, running out of tissue or that uncontrollable sneeze, no matter what you think, it just can’t be avoided. It is one of those girl things we do and just refuse to admit.

The Silent Use of Toilet Paper

The D-day of our periods and we can finish a complete roll. We just have to discover if that ‘periods’ have started. It’s one of those days when 70% of our time and mind space goes in the washroom.

Do you have more fun girl things to share. Let me know and I will surely put it out here. In the meantime, share this with all your girlfriends. After all, why should men have all the fun….

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