Which Personality Type Are You Most Compatible With?

Which Personality Type Are You Most Compatible With?

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus; opposites always attract and many more. What really attracts one to the other? That right personality that’s just made for you.

The answer is simple. Do you know your personality? If you know yourself well, then it is easy to find your perfect match. But if you are confused what kind of personality you really are, check out these nine different types of personality based on the Enneagram system and find the right companion for yourself.

The Enneagram system was first developed in 1960 and has its roots in South America and Asia.


The reformer personality type is a perfectionist person. Their main focus is to improve things around them. They like their world to be organized and systematic as far as possible.

The perfect match for a reformer is the Individualist who can help a reformer come out of the pothole they create for themselves. An Individualist doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the perfect little world of the Reformer but helps in accomplishing roles and goals together.

Try to avoid getting into a relationship with the Enthusiast even though it may seem exciting at many points.


For a helper, it is important to feel needed. Helpers are selfless and giving people who completely idealize love. A helper personality will never forget a birthday or anniversary and make the best effort to get gifts for a friend in need.

The match made in heaven for a helper is the Challenger who will protect and defend the Helper from going overboard and completely forgetting about themselves. A Challenger works beautifully in filling up the gaps and encourages the Helper to speak up.

Avoid getting involved with the Individualists who have the tendency to take advantage of you.


The achiever tries to get success in whatever it does. They are hardworking people who are completely focused on achieving the next big goal in life. The need to be admired for their accomplishments is important to the Achiever and mostly are extrovert in nature.

The perfect match for Achiever is the Enthusiast. The spontaneous nature of the Enthusiast, helps the Reformer have some fun.

Avoid relationship with Peacemaker as they are lazy in nature and are not the match for the high levels of energy in the Achiever.


As the name suggests, the Individualist always tries to be different than others. Uniqueness and individuality is what they strive for. The perfect match for this personality type is the Reformer who not only helps in achieving their goals but also make them feel special.

Avoid getting into a relationship with the Helper as you will have the inclination to become a dependent on him.


The investigator is generally introvert in nature and they prefer to read, and express their thoughts. They admire people with intelligence and people who motivate them.

The perfect match for the Investigator is the Enthusiast. They help the Investigator come out of their shell and enjoy the lighter side of life. Avoid the Challenger unless you really enjoy getting into regular nags with your partner.


A loyalist will never trust anybody quickly. Even though they are extremely loyal they need others to prove themselves first. Once the other person has gained its confidence, they start opening up.

The perfect match for the loyalist is the Peacemaker who puts the mind at ease over concerns like infidelity. Avoid team up with the Achiever who simply makes the Loyalist feel neglected.


If there is a personality that completely loves adventure then it’s the Enthusiast. They are one of the most energetic people and love making plans. An Enthusiast is creative and open minded and is generally extrovert in nature.

The perfect match for the Enthusiast is the Investigator who brings a calmness in the Enthusiast. The Enthusiast will always seek out new things to learn and this is well complimented by the Investigator.

The Reformer is a complete no as they are more of a control freak and give a personality clash.


You don’t want to get into a control game with this personality type. A Challenger just hates to be control and like to be in charge of a situation. They are decisive, full of energy and practical in their approach.

The perfect match for the Challenger is the Helper who gels well with the high attitude personality of the Challenger. The Helper can reduce stress and become a support for the Challenger.

Avoid the Investigator as they can be quite indecisive.


As the name suggests, the peacemaker will always try to avoid conflict and maintain harmony. They are generally introvert in nature and avoids anything that disturbs peace.

The perfect personality type for the Peacemaker is the Loyalist who bring peace to the Peacemaker. You can completely depend on them whenever there is a need.

Avoid the Achiever who can be a bit pushy and focused on the goal and increases the stress level around them.

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