Have You Ever Been Called A “Bitch” Before?

Have You Ever Been Called A “Bitch” Before?

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why woman are called bitch

What’s the most common go-to insult for a woman who speaks her mind? Well, it’s Bitch!

Do you seriously get offended by it, or smile and say… that I am. And what exactly makes you a bitch? Well, it is not the rude behavior or cruelty you have done to a baby or animal, but certain things that make you blurt out. Here are those that come at the top of the list.

The independent streak

Women face a lot of criticism for being independent as this is the copyright of men. It is just taken that if you can think for yourself, then you automatically think you’re better than everyone else. But, girls do that really define independence in any way?

Says No to men

Men just can’t handle when they hear a no from a woman. In fact, they get quite angry when they are turned down and that qualifies for the statement of a bitch. But isn’t that what we call being strong?

Speaks her mind

Having an opinion is quite different than expressing yourself in those #words. And most people can’t handle that and hence you are insulted. The aim is to get you so angry or upset that you just close up.

The Bossy Attitude

Have you ever heard of a man being criticized about being bossy? Of course, not! A bossy man is wise. However, when a woman is bossy, she is a total Bitch! But hey! that doesn’t stop us from being the leaders we are born to be, right?

Hard Rock

Strong willed women are hard to handle and men are just not used to this idea, sadly even in the workplace. This is the reason, you are insulted so often. How else, will they try to stop you. But it backfires, right?

Sticks up

Have you ever noticed, how men drool over those damsels in distress females? Yes, they still live in the fairy Disney characters, even though Disney itself has moved on. So, if you are one who stands her ground and knows to stick up for herself, you will get that B*** word a lot.


So, you are a confident woman and these men now don’t know what to do with you. If you know that you are attractive and flaunt it, you are a Bitch. If you enjoy a drink with that casual air with men, then again you are a Bitch. Moral, you can’t be confident and if you are, be prepared for this comment.


“She is never at home”. I guess, you have heard this comment right? Yes, if you are not a person to sit in a corner shyly looking away, then again…. Bitch. Any woman with an outgoing personality is a B*** but a man just knows his way around…. Seriously!!!

She risks everything

Putting things at stake, prioritizing and opening arms to risks is not a woman’s job. She should be the one calculating all the risks and avoiding them. But, people who have this thought are the people who have never really taken a risk.


Why are you single and not giving a chance to mingle also? She just thinks she is too good for any man. This can be annoying to men, simply because they want a chance with you and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

High Maintenance

A woman who is particular about things and loves her brands and high-quality stuff is again a Bitch. But when you deserve the best, you do Period!

Keep those standards high, ladies!

The straight face

Have you ever seen her smile? If you don’t smile then you are a snob or worse a Bitch. She just thinks too much about herself, right? Yes, a straight face is just too intolerable. If that bothers you, put on that plastic smile.

Knows what she wants

If you know exactly what you want, then that also goes against you. Even though you can function on an auto format mode, you are still that horrid woman who has everything under her sleeve.

Career focused

If your love life is not as important as your career, then once more it’s a problem. You will be judged that you are thinking too much into a man’s world. Should you be embarrassed or stressed about it? Of course, not! It is not a man’s copyright to drive his career, women have equal rights as well.

No matter for what reason you have been called a Bitch, you don’t need to be sad. In fact, laugh it out. You have got the best compliment of this century.


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