Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Pregnancy weight gain is one of the important factors determining a healthy pregnancy. The modern women of today are quite concerned with how much she weighs. There are a number of ways of finding out what’s the right weight for women. But during pregnancy how much weight gain is appropriate is a question that’s debatable. The society today has lead to a certain level of weight gain fear even in pregnancy.

You wouldn’t be the first woman if you have fear of chubby thighs, expanding waists and a body that is never quite the same. But the point to focus on is to stay healthy during your pregnancy. It’s important for you as well as your baby. So let’s look at what needs to happen to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Why Weight Gain?

No matter how fat or thin you are, you are bound to gain weight during pregnancy. Women who are clinically obese still need to gain at the minimum 11 pounds, and women who are underweight need to gain more than the average gain of 25-35 pounds. This is a normal pregnancy weight gain for a woman carrying a single baby. Mothers who are expecting more than one baby will gain more pregnancy weight and also have special needs as compared to other mothers. Moms should remember that if they deprive themselves of good nutritive food during pregnancy then the child tends to be smaller and sickly.

How Much Weight to Gain During Pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers must have heard the saying, ‘eating for two’. But that doesn’t mean eating twice as much. All you need to do is add more than 200-300 calories a day to your present diet. Have a nutritive and balanced diet. This is the best time to pamper yourself, without feeling guilty of gaining weight. Junk food should be avoided as much as possible and treat your baby to good nutrient dense food.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Chart

Pregnancy weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Most women wouldn’t notice the slight weight gain at the beginning of their pregnancy. The pregnancy weight gain in the first semester is around 4 pounds. Some of this is water weight and some of it is materials needed by your baby to grow. Occasionally women gain weight around 10 pounds in the first semester. If you are overweight then you gain around 3 pounds and if you are underweight then you gain around 5 pounds.

Most of the pregnancy weight gain happens in the last two trimesters, with around a pound a week. If you are underweight or overweight, once more the weight increase will differ according to your body’s requirement. Sometime, at the end of pregnancy there is a slight weight loss and there’s nothing to worry in this. Remember you need to gain weight slowly and steadily and then only you can have a comfortable pregnancy till the end.

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Here is a pregnancy weight gain chart that can help you understand the normal weight gain during pregnancy.

pregnancy weight gain chart


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