Pregnancy Cravings: The secret behind those weird choices (Infographic)

Pregnancy Cravings: The secret behind those weird choices (Infographic)

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pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings are one of the most talked about sweet moments of pregnancy. Almost all movies will show a pregnant wife waking up her husband at the middle of the night for a sudden craving she has. Yes, it happens and there is nothing to feel awkward about it.

There are of course lots of theories about these pregnancy cravings, right from your body pushing you towards certain nutrients to hormonal and psychological changes happening. No matter what’s the reason, here are the top pregnancy cravings and what it means.


My first question is, do you really need to crave for chocolates? But still, if you are having the sudden craving for chocolate, then you can just as well push the reason as your ever changing mood. Chocolate triggers those feel good hormones that pregnancy so much demands. So, every time you feel like giving yourself a treat, reach out for that chocolate. No harm done.

Ice cream or ice

Ice cream is again one of the popular pregnancy cravings foods. Sometimes, pregnant women even have a craving for ice and this is because of the crunchy texture that is so tempting. Also the body temperature rises during pregnancy and reaching out to cold things is quite natural.

Sweets and sugar

Pregnancy drains you out even before you know it. When your body sends out signals that it’s tired and needs energy boost, you would find yourself reaching out sweets and sugar as a mode of satisfaction. But remember it has no nutritional value, so always keep it in moderate quantities.

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Pregnancy cravings for fruit are one of the healthiest cravings you can have and simply reach out for that fruit. However, in some cases it also means that there is a chance of Vitamin C deficiency. So, if it is not an occasional craving, then share your thoughts with your doctor.

Lemon and chilies

The pregnancy craving for lemon and chilies is mainly because of the desire for strong tastes. Raw lemons and chilies that bring a tear or make you wince is something that turns suddenly favorite. There is really no harm in it as long as it doesn’t give you gastrointestinal problems.

Now check out this interesting infographic on pregnancy cravings and what it means your pregnant months ahead.

Pregnancy Cravings and Food

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