Pregnancy Bloating

Pregnancy Bloating

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Bloating during pregnancy or edema is a common pregnancy symptom, yet quite unpleasant. Between everything else that you have to handle, bloating just makes you feel full and miserable further more. Bloating can also be the first signs of pregnancy, but once you have understood that you are pregnant, here are five steps that can keep edema or pregnancy bloating under control.

Does pregnancy lead to bloating?

Whether you like or not, unfortunately pregnancy does lead to bloating. Pregnancy bloating generally occurs in the feet and ankles. This happens because your body is producing extra blood to manage your baby’s growth. So, your uterus goes on increasing in size as your pregnancy months move forward. This puts pressure on both pelvic veins and the vena cava. This leads to a slow blood circulation and if you remember your blood flow overall in the body has increased. As the blood starts to pool, it pushes water down to your feet and ankle tissues and bloating starts.

Another culprit of pregnancy bloating is your hormones that are all over the place. Hormones sometimes cause water retention in expectant moms and even add few more inches to your body.

How to Prevent Bloating in Pregnancy

Yes, those things sounded quite unpleasant. Now here is some help on hand. Follow these steps from the early pregnancy days and hopefully you will be able to tackle the pregnancy bloating problem to a large extent.

Watch your Diet

Yes, food carvings are obvious in pregnancy but healthy eating is also important and I am sure just about the whole world would have said by this time. Even if French fries and crackers are only things that you can keep down, keep it to minimum. Soda and snacks like these are bloating factors in disguise. You will not feel good after eating those, rather get stuck with a bloating issue. Not fitting into your shoes just because you are pregnant is not that pleasant.

Loose stuff

Socks that seem to squeeze the life out of your legs or slim fit shoes are just going to add to your agonies. Of course you know some really good style statements that can be maintained while wearing comfortable shoes and stockings among other things.

Exercise Regularly

Just because you are pregnant and you will get fat doesn’t mean you will stop exercising. To keep your body mobile is very important in pregnancy. It will help you towards a normal delivery, have healthy contractions and yes keep that bloating in pregnancy a few feet away from you.

Exercising helps in improving the blood circulation and the feet and ankles are not swollen. Even if you manage a small walk for around 20 minutes it is a good start. Don’t push your body but do something that makes you feel good.

Put your feet up

Yes, you can literally do this in pregnancy. Put your feet up and relax. Unfortunately if you are working during pregnancy then it may be a bit difficult. Whenever you are sitting, keep your legs straight out in front of you. If you are lying down, use a pillow to two to raise your feet above your head. This will take the stress of your legs. It will ache less and you will start feeling much better.

Increase Water Intake

Yes, it sounds strange, especially when pregnancy bloating is caused by water retention. However, science has proven that increasing water intake can actually help your body lose excess water. It will also help your kidney function better and remember I am saying water and not substitutes of water.

Keep these simple steps in mind and you can avoid early signs of pregnancy bloating or as a matter of fact bloating throughout the pregnancy.

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