Hair Removal during Pregnancy

Hair Removal during Pregnancy

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hair removal during pregnancy

You are pregnant and you are beautiful and there’s no reason why you should feel otherwise. Whether it is summer time or you are headed for a beach party, looking clean and nice in summer wear or swimsuit is important. But with pregnancy, hair removal becomes a bit complicated. Here are safe hair removal tips during pregnancy that can give you that smooth and clean look safely.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal during pregnancy is a safe and simple way for permanent hair removal for women. It will not do any harm to you or your baby, no matter which trimester you are in.

Waxing for Hair Removal

Waxing is again an absolutely safe method of pregnancy hair removal. However, do keep in mind that there’s more blood flowing to your skin during pregnancy and that makes your skin a bit more sensitive than usual. One easy way to avoid skin irritation is applying a soothing antiseptic lotion before and after waxing. It is also a good way to avoid any kind of infection and reduce redness.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams may look like the most convenient way for hair removal during pregnancy but it is really not safe for you. The possible risk of chemical absorption through the skin is not a chance you want to take during your pregnancy. Even a small kind of infection can complicate things as you can just about have those many meds when it comes to your pregnancy safe medicines.

Shaving Hair Removal

There’s no direct harm that will be caused by shaving but you need to be cautious. Standing and shaving like you used to do, may not be a good idea any more. What if you lose balance and topple? Ask your partner to help. Also, be careful of any unwanted cuts that would push you towards unwanted medication. Sometimes, shaving leads to infections and you should stay as much away from it as possible.

Tweezing and Threading

Body hair removal is not the only problem during pregnancy but so is facial hair. So, yes you need to manage your small hair removal needs like shaping eyebrows, removing chin hair and cleaning that annoying black line of mustache hair. Tweezing and threading are the safest and best option for hair removal during pregnancy. Since, it doesn’t use any chemicals it is absolutely safe for you and your baby.


Bleaching is common to all women, but bleaching during pregnancy is best avoided. Though there are no studies stating that bleaching is harmful during pregnancy, however chemicals can irritate your skin. Pregnant women have sensitive skin and bleaching can sometimes lead to reactions. Even some amount of chemicals can reach your unborn baby. So, how about pushing it under the bed for now.

Hair removal during pregnancy is not something that’s impossible. All you need is to be careful on the option you pick. Stay beautiful and safe.

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