GBS: A simple test that could save your baby’s life

GBS: A simple test that could save your baby’s life

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What Is GBS

One of the most common tests that are conducted during pregnancy is GBS test. It is an uncomplicated test done for bacteria called ‘GBS’. Though it is a common bacteria check test, it could save your baby’s life.

What is GBS test?

GBS is a short form for a type of bacteria called group B streptococcus. GBS resides in the vagina or the rectum and is generally found in 25% of all healthy adult women.

How do I know if I have GBS?

When you go for your first prenatal visit, your gynae will use a special swab that would look like a long Q-tip to take a sample of your vaginal discharge and test it for GBS. Even if the first test is negative, remember GBS can develop at any point during the pregnancy and hence the test should be repeated around 35 weeks to make sure all necessary precautions are taken before the delivery.

How is it treated?

If a woman is tested positive for GBS at any point during her pregnancy, then they receive antibiotics through I.V. during labor as preventive measure for her baby. Some hospitals even suggest that women receive a dose of antibiotics every four hours till she delivers. The minimum of two doses is required.

Is GBS dangerous to women?
GBS is one of the normal bacteria that is there in most women’s bodies without causing any harm. However, during labor and delivery, GBS bacteria can somehow move up to your kidney, causing health complications.
However, if you are lucky that GBS is not giving you any health issues, your baby’s health may still be compromised.

How can GBS affect my baby?

GBS bacteria immediately when she is born. So, even if a women is tested during her pregnancy for GBS and was not done during that last phase of pregnancy, there is a risk of GBS infection passing to the baby. GBS infection sets in very quickly and without any warning. So a baby that appeared absolutely healthy at the time of birth, can die…

A typical GBS infection sets in as meningitis or sepsis. The Centers for Disease reports that death occurs in 5% of infants with GBS. A simple test can change it.

Get the GBS test done today!


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