Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. However, yes it can get pretty rough and exhausting. The simple way of stating the entire experience is saying good bye of care less days and welcome days of responsibility. If you are going to be a mom, and are excited about those first days of pregnancy, then let me welcome you to the fantastic world of motherhood.

Right from the first pregnancy symptom, you start feeling nervous and anxious whether you are doing everything right and in one way or the other you are already a mom. In this section of pregnancy, we take you through the entire journey of pregnancy and make you feel special every single day.

About Pregnancy



The first and most important thing that you should understand about pregnancy is that it’s not a disease but a stage where your body is going through numerous changes. Yes, you may feel ill some days but then there is also going to be days where you will be absolutely fit to do just about anything. You need a bit of pregnancy care and you are all set.

Pregnancy Symptoms

There are many different types of pregnancy symptoms  but of course the most obvious is your missed periods. Some women face morning sickness and some don’t. According to your weeks of pregnancy, your pregnancy symptoms will go on changing.

Pregnancy by Week

Though pregnancy is known to be nine months long, it is generally tracked through weeks and semesters. Each pregnancy week will bring a different experience for you. Right from fetal growth, to your changing body during pregnancy, everything is covered in pregnancy by week.

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The Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy is an exciting period in a woman’s life and to track each and every development during your pregnancy, the most useful tool becomes your pregnancy calendar. There are different pregnancy calendars available online to select from. With just a simple pregnancy calendar, you can just jot down all the changes happening and also see your baby grow from a cell to a real baby.

Things to avoid during Pregnancy

There are some important things that a pregnant woman should keep in mind during pregnancy months. Here is a small checklist of things to avoid during pregnancy.

• Avoid alcohol and smoking during pregnancy
• Avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy
• Avoid eating too much of fried or oily food
• Avoid staying on a fast for a long period
• Avoid irregular patterns of eating or lifestyle.

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