Winter Kids Wear

Winter Kids Wear

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winter kids wear

The winters are here and the struggle to put warm clothes on your kids has started. To add to our dilemmas is the festive season with Christmas, New Year and lots more. Kids jump at the opportunity to go outside and the first thing that comes off is the winter gear. For me the everyday struggle is the socks, since my toddler just miraculous finds a way to get them wet every 10 min. But with the entire struggle that goes in getting

children in winter kids wear, I have also learnt a trick or two. So, whether it is mittens, scraves, hats or socks, there are always a fun way to dress children in winter wears.
Check out these cool winter kids wear and see them look cool and smart this winters.

Lumbering Lumberjack Hat from Etsy

Do you have a toddler who simply hates to be in the layers of winter clothes especially when it comes to hat and scarf? Well, the solution is Lumbering Lumberjack Hat ($37) available on Etsy. The best part of this winter outfit for kids is that the hat and the beard portion are two separate pieces of winter clothing and can be easily connected and made one with a small button. So, your toddler can take the beard off as and when he likes. And the best part is that this winter kid’s wear is completely customizable, so you can select your own stripe, colors, size and much more.

Fleece Mohawk Hat from GAP

You will see your kid completely fall in love with this piece of winter kids wear. The Fleece Mohawk Hats($13) from GAP are extra soft and extra warm with cute ear flaps to keep the ears warm in the chilly days. It also comes in four hot prints to select from. If your kid loves to wear winter hats then pick some in different colors and sizes and store them away for the years to come.

UGG Bailey Bow Boots from Chasing Fireflies

This kid’s winter wear is for the pretty little angles. The UGG Bailey Bow Boots ($120), available from Chasing Fireflies will be loved instantly by your little girl. The boots have little satin bows on the back and are super warm and go perfect for the coldest winter weather.

Zany Black Arm Warmers from Little Miss Matched

Does your little girl worry all the time for matching things right? Well, here is some news, matching was for last winters, this year it is all about going crazy with colors. The Zany Black Arm Warmers ($13) from Little Miss Matched comes in three sets and each arm warmer is of a different pattern with polka dots, stripes and stars. So you can easily mix n match two arm warmers, creating a new combination every day. This is definitely going to make your kid look cool and vibrant.

So, select the best winter kids wear and bring alive all the different hues. After all winter is all about colors. So let’s splash it.

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