Lactose Intolerance in Children

Lactose Intolerance in Children

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Lactose intolerance in children is a problem 1 in 10 children face. With lactose intolerance, comes the anxiety of parents, wondering what to give their kids to keep up their nutritional balance and also meet their regular dietary requirements. But the bigger questions that most parents struggle with is, lactose intolerance in children symptoms.

Many parents make the mistake of not recognizing the symptoms of lactose intolerance in their kids and often take the digestive complaints as illness or simply food avoidance by the kids as most of them at this age are picky eaters .

However, there are certain signs of lactose intolerance in children that can clearly give you an indication that your child may be lactose intolerant.

  • Your kid complaints of stomach aches, bloating and gas often.
  • Avoids or refuses dairy when offered
  • Frequent loose stools
  • Bad breath though proper dental care is taken
  • Body odor that can’t be justified because of the activities he has done.

If your kid is showing any of these lactose intolerance symptoms then check with your kid’s pediatrician before ignoring them as the usual stuff. Even if your kid is lactose intolerant, there are now so many tempting options available that your kid is not going to miss out on anything. Today, you can easily get lactose free yogurt, kerif, sour cream and other dairy product that can be a welcome and interesting addition to your kids mealtime.

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