Parenting is one of the most beautiful and important phases of our life. Sooner or later most of us cross through the world of parenting and then every turn starts to look uncertain and confusing. If you are first time mom or parent then it is a bit scarier. Yes, you will get all the advice for parents that is possible whether it is really helpful or not, but then at the end you have to do it on your own. Helping you navigate these roads of parenting without thrusting suggestions done your throat is our section on parenting and moms. We bring to you different articles and tips for parental advice and how to handle mommyhood for the first time. But before we start walking on the road of working moms and first time moms, let’s check out some basics of parenting to give you a strong foot to stand on.

What is Parenting?


Yes, it looks like the most silly question on earth, but we take the term parenting a bit too lightly. Yes, you are pregnant or already a mom, but does that automatically make you a good parent? Parenting is a forever learning process where you need to learn, experiment and take chances every day. What works for another parent or mom, may not work for you. So, if you ask me what is parenting, I will put it very simply. Just being there for my kid is parenting to me. As a mom, I prefer to grow with my child. Each phase of his life makes me learn something new in parenting. Yes, I look parenting advice from moms that inspire me, but not all work for me. So, first accept your changed status in life. Now first you are a mom and then a wife and daughter.

Parenting Advice

As parents we should always be open to parenting advice or parental advice whichever way you want to put it. You don’t need to accept and apply every parenting advice that comes your way, but yes we can all learn from other moms and dads out there. There will be many moments in your life when parenting can get overwhelming and then you definitely need parent help from your friends and family. As a mom, you love your kid the most, but others don’t want to hurt your little one also. So, rather than having everything on your shoulders, share the parenting responsibilities and let your partner and other family members participate in raising your kid. Even if you are single mom, there is help on hand. Just look around.

Parenting Classes

One of the things that is very useful today is online parenting classes. It is an important step in parent education and can be done easily from your home. There are different parenting classes available to select from. You can enroll in these classes and soon you will be able to understand simpler and smarter ways to handle your kids in a good manner. So, enroll in one of these parenting classes and start your parent education today.

Parenting Books

Another great way to build your way in parenting is by reading parenting books. These parenting books have all the useful tips that you require to understand your kid better and even manage your life as a mom and parent in a more organized way. Being a parent doesn’t mean, giving up everything else. You just need to strike the balance so that you can handle your kid and your personal life in a much better way.

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