Eco Friendly Homes

Eco Friendly Homes

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Green living made easy

Having Eco-friendly homes is a trend and also a necessity today. Having an eco friendly environment around the house, kitchen and garden can save money and also contribute towards our environment. So check out these simple and easy ways to get eco-friendly homes.

Change Your Light bulbs

If you are still using the traditional incandescent, then it is time to make a switch. Go for fluorescent light bulbs that are soft to the eyes and friendly on the pocket too. These bulbs are extremely energy efficient and are sure to take you one step closer for having environmentally friendly homes.

Eco Friendly Home Designs

One of the smart things to do, if you want to have a Eco friendly home design is to have a fireplace using artificial petroleum free log that’s made from wood fibers and bio-waxes. The great thing about these logs is that they burn longer than the ordinary wood and also emit around 75% less carbon monoxide. It is one of the essential Eco friendly home products to have. So, do you really want to still go for the ordinary wood?

Energy Star Homes

Your refrigerator is one appliance that is definitely going to eat up a lot of energy. So adjust your freezer temperature to somewhere between 35 and 38 Fahrenheit. By a simple adjustment of 5 degrees you can save energy to around 20% and you can take pride in having an energy star home.

Eco Friendly Living

Going completely vegetarian at least once a week is great for your health and also can help in reducing around 145 times of fossil fuel usage as compared to cooking potatoes. It is one of the healthy ways of having an Eco friendly living style.

Eco Friendly Tips

Water conservation is a very essential and having a drink from running tap water is definitely not going to save water. Instead fill big bottles of water and store in your fridge. Another great way to conserve water is by replacing your shower head. Change to high efficiency 2.5 gallon a minute model and you can save an additional 30% more of water. You can also collect rainwater to water houseplants etc.

Cloth Napkins

Disposable paper napkins are not at all eco-friendly. By reducing the usage of paper we can actually save around 500,000 tons of paper from reaching trash bins. Instead we can use cloth napkins and enjoy  eco-friendly home lifestyle.

Green Homes

If we are talking about eco-friendly home decor aspects then plants are a must. Purify the air by adding some potted plants like Boston ferns, peace lilies or even English ivy. You can easily put them on window sills or side tables. These plants can easily absorb airborne toxins within 24 hours including some deadly ones like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene. One of the great ways of having green homes.

With eco friendly homes and eco friendly home products, we make Eco a part of your life and world and conserve our natural resources.

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