Top Mom Entrepreneurs…. A Salute on Mother’s Day

Top Mom Entrepreneurs…. A Salute on Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day we salute to the strength of womanhood and the moms who have made it big. Yes, these mom entrepreneurs have done it all from changing diapers, to sleepless nights to packing lunch boxes. Yet, they stand tall as a woman of strength, courage and determination to follow their dream and see it come true.

These ladies have great business ideas for women that can turn moms into successful women business owners. If you are a mom and feel that somewhere you dreams slipped by and you never got the chance to reach out, then read more about these mom entrepreneurs. Connect to them and find your hidden talent.

Every mom is an entrepreneur; you just don’t know it yet…


Deborah Dugan   (Twitter)
Media Executive, Global Health Leader

A woman of substance. She started her career in media with rising up the ladder as of Disney Publishing Worldwide and executive VP at EMI/Capitol Records. Today she has signed on as CEO of (Red), founded in 2006 to direct corporate profits into the fight against AIDS.


Kara Swisher (Twitter)
 Journalist, Author, Mom

Kara Swisher is a mother of two little boys, giving shape to the tech world. With her smart and insightful commentary in Wall Street Journal column, Kara started a new trend in the tech industry, inspiring a new generation of journalists to go for blogging. Today, she is the co-editor of powerful tech news site AllThingsDigital.


Amanda Steinberg (Twitter)
 Women’s Finance Expert

Amanda lives in Philadelphia with her two children and her iPhone and yes she is the founder and CEO of This personal finance site is made for the women of today who wrestle daily with budgeting, saving and investment challenges. Amanda has provided a space to speak directly to women on their financial requirements and of course to give out a positive message.


Daisy Whitney (Twitter)
 Author, Journalist, Producer

She is a clear example of women of strength and fantastic mom entrepreneur idea. A mom, author, journalist and producer she has struck the perfect balance between her family life and career. Deciding not to make her tragedy her weakness, she released her successful debut novel “The Mockingbirds,” which was inspired by her experiences with date rape in college.


Debbie Lyons Blythe (Twitter)
Cattle Rancher, Blogger

Debbie is the mother of five and is also a cattle rancher. She works vigorously everyday to produce safe and nutritious supply of beef for consumers. She also attends to a blog and Facebook page about cattle ranching. She offers a platform for important resources for woman.

@Moderwomenworld eh, mothers day is overrated. I’d rather have random hugs on regular days.


Lisa Oz (Twitter) 
Media Expert, Manager, Author

She has done it all. Lisa used her expertise in media and production to help launch her husband’s career and also co-author 5 best selling help books. Mother of 4 kids, she today has her own personal growth show on Oprah Radio, “The Lisa Oz Show.”


Tammy Gibson (Twitter)
Mommy Blogger, Fashionista

Tammy has completely redefined blogging for women, making her a favorite mom entrepreneur for us. A mom in high red heels is all set to instill confidence in moms whose everyday life kills any opportunity of pampering themselves. Her education on beauty and fashion motivates all moms to look and feel at their best.

 Moderwomenworld Honestly, I celebrate motherhood 365 days a yr. The day to day sweetness from my kids means more than a commercial holiday!


Bethenny Frankel (Twitter)
Media Personality; Healthy Chef; Author

Bethenny came in the spotlight as a top mom entrepreneur when she was named the runner up in NBC’s “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.” From then the journey to fame started with her passion for healthy food and a topping of wit and wisdom, making her one of the country’s most famous natural food chefs.


Beverly Lueckemeyer (Twitter)
Top-Selling Independent Stylist

She is one of the perfect women entrepreneur examples with fine tuned managing skills. Being a stay at home mom for 3 busy teens, she also credits herself as a successful independent star stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry. Beverly leads the company’s 10,000 designers in sales, selling timeless yet trendy jewelry to women of all ages and styles.


Jill Zarin (Twitter)
 Designer, Executive, Footwear Afficionado

It all started with being on “The Real Housewives of New York.” Jill had a hard time finding the right shapewear. That lay the foundation to the Skweez Couture, a line of affordable shapewear designed to give women the right foundation for comfort and confidence. Today she has covered a milestone in her business and turned as one of the strongest entrepreneur moms of today.


Kris Jenner (Twitter)
Socialite, Talent Manager, Media Personality

Kris has come a long way and stands tall as an empowered mom today. She runs her own production company and also manages husband Bruce Jenner’s motivational speaking business. But what makes her really come alive is behind and in front of the camera, of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” a reality show starring her daughters.


Cheryl Kilodavis (Twitter)
Author, Mother

Who says being different is bad? Cheryl has changed it all. When her young son wanted to wear sparkly pink dresses, Cheryl learned to stop saying no and instead celebrate his uniqueness. Her book “My Princess Boy,” has become a strong support and resource for all parents facing the same issues.Please Spread the Word

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