You Can Never Imagine What All Can Be Done With A Cookie...

You Can Never Imagine What All Can Be Done With A Cookie Cutter

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Holidays always push us towards wearing our innovative hat, and as women, we are always running out of ideas. So, what all can you do with a cookie cutter other than of course making cookies. Well, actually a lot. Right from interesting holiday ornaments to artful food on your plate, here are things you never imagined doing with your cookie cutter.

  1. Pancake Shaper

Who said pancakes have to be round? One interesting twist to the regular pancakes is creating shapes with the help of a cookie cutter. You need to start the regular way, by heating the pan and spraying cooking spray. Now place the cookie cutter and then pour the batter. Make the batter a bit thicker than you usually do. Once your pancake has bubbled, carefully remove the cookie cutter and then flip. Your awesome looking pancake with a twist is ready to serve.

  1. Create Holiday Candles

Want some holiday decorations in a budget, well cookie cutters are your best bet. Just place the cutter on a plain pillar candle and then give it a light tap. Remove and you will get a festive looking candle in no time.

  1. Ornaments of All Shapes and Sizes

Holidays just makes us go overboard and then we run out of decorations. So, before the situation hits, grab your cookie cutter and create any shape you want, right from stars to snowman. Of course, the same trick can be applied to polystyrene as well.

  1. Make a napkin ring out of it

Special occasions need special arrangements and you can make a fine dining set up with a napkin ring just from a cookie cutter. Instead of using the regular paper variety, fold a linen napkin into 1 inch sections, just like an accordion. Now slip the napkin through a cookie cutter and then just fan out either sides. Now place each napkin on individual plates to complete the setting.

  1. Cake Decorating Stencils

Well, this is a bit tricky, but quite achievable as long you don’t have butter fingers. Gently press the cookie cutter on the surface of the frosted cake. Now you need to fold a piece of paper in half and then use it as funnel to show your creativity. Once you have got the desired results, carefully remove each cutter.

Now, you know how useful is the cookie cutter that you have been so long using just for making cookies. Well, if you have more interesting ideas, do share with us.

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