Thanksgiving Preparation Tips That You Just Have To Know

Thanksgiving Preparation Tips That You Just Have To Know

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With just days to go for Thanksgiving, things start to get a bit stressful especially if you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. But just because life has been crazy, doesn’t mean that your Thanksgiving dinner can’t be awesome.

Rather than stressing out, let’s plan right and see how to streamline and simplify as much as possible. Here are the Thanksgiving preparation tips that are a must try.

Magic with Food

  1. Leftover Magic

In most of the households there is a spill over or left over holiday meals. The first thing to do for that awesome Thanksgiving meal is, segregate this surplus food in different disposable containers.  You will find different variety of food that will give variety to your Thanksgiving spread.

  1. Empty the Fridge

Just like you cleared clutter from your home, you need to do the same thing for your fridge as well. Get rid of everything that smells, expired or can be stored somewhere else. You will require as much space as possible for the Thanksgiving, so it’s best to start organizing it out now.

The Thanksgiving Decorations

  1. Set the Table

Laying out the Thanksgiving table is a task depending on the number of guests coming over. It always helps to have one task less to do. So, lay out the table one day in advance to Thanksgiving. You can do it the previous night after dinner and just relax for the next day.

  1. The DIY Projects

Other than preparing the food, the other mammoth task is completing the different DIY projects on time. Right from the place cards to the holiday decorations, the small nitty gritty of the final touch ups eat up a lot more of our time than we anticipate. List down all such DIYs much in advance, get all raw material and create them and keep them aside. At the last moment, it should only be about laying them out and giving the final touch ups.

  1. Don’t Ignore The List

We start with the thought that everything is pretty much on the top of our head. And then we start forgetting things. Rather than avoiding it, make it one of the first things that you do. List down everything you will need and maintain a checklist of tasks pending and done. Include everything you can think of, right from linens to utensils. This will help you take stock of what all you have and what you need to shop for.

  1. Clean Your Linens

Our holiday special always comes out at the last moment and the assumption is it would be clean and free of stains. Unfortunately, it turns out just the opposite and then it is a disaster. Again, go and clean your linens much in advance. One of the important Thanksgiving preparations should be to check if everything you require is clean, washed, dry cleaned and pressed. This would include your cloth napkins and other items as well.

  1. Make Casseroles in Advance

One of the important Thanksgiving preparations is to make and then freeze your casseroles well in advance. Do this up to one week ahead and you can directly heat them for the Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, you need to keep some extra time in hand for the stretched cooking time.

  1. The flavor dishes

Some things always taste better after a day, like sauces, dips and salads. The flavors meld together and hence it is a good idea to prepare them well in advance. It will be one task less and the outcome will be much more tasteful.

  1. Thaw the Thanksgiving Turkey

This is something you shouldn’t definitely leave out till the last minute. Decide the time when you want to thaw the Thanksgiving turkey. Whatever time you would assume you would take, add a day extra to it. So, if it takes one day of thawing for every 4 pounds of turkey, then do the math and give it an extra day.

  1. Freeze the Gravy

This is another Thanksgiving dinner preparation that you can do at least a week in advance. It saves time for the big day and all you need to do is warm up and serve. Remember to freeze it well, to capture the aroma and taste well.


With these simple Thanksgiving preparation tips, your holiday will be fun and relaxing. All you really need to do on the D-day is look pretty and smile as a happy host.

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