Dads this is for you: Mother’s Day is coming up!

Dads this is for you: Mother’s Day is coming up!

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All dads, parents, partners, friends…I hope you remember the woman you love is a mom as well….

Just like she expects a gift on the wedding anniversary, birthday, first kiss and so on, Mother’s day is also important to her. Forgotten the date, well it is on May 13th which means you still have some time for shopping for Mother’s day gifts and presents. I know you mean to do it and hope to do it as well, but then things come up and last minute it just slips….

If you want some readymade suggestions for mother’s day presents, here are some things that can be useful.

Select Gifts

There are many ways to select Mother’s Day gifts for your partner. You can always go for last minute shopping online as this will save you time. But of course you are not getting next day delivery, till you go for some express delivery service. If you don’t want to go for anything readymade, then homemade is a good option. You can get together with your kids and pick handmade gifts or even prepare cards. One of the most important things to do is get your kids involved as they need to make their mom feel special.

Time Alone

If you really ask a mom what she wants on Mother’s Day, she would say time alone. With all the running around she does every day, she deserves a brake. Take the kids for a movie or a day out and let her spend time the way she wants. Believe me, you are not being rude. She is going to thank you for this for many years to come.


A woman loves to be pampered. Once a woman becomes a mom, all the pampering is done for the kid. So, what about her needs and wishes. On this Mother’s Day make a reservation for her to relax and enjoy herself on a spa. If that’s not working out, do small things to show you care like getting breakfast on the bed, making morning coffee etc. Even the smallest of gestures make a difference.


If your wife or partner is a mom of small kids, then it has perhaps being a while that she has slept the way she wants. So, how about letting her have her beauty sleep, while you pitch in to handle the kids? So, if your kid cries for a diaper change, don’t wake her up. Instead, close the door shut so that the voice doesn’t reach her.

Break from Household Activities

Whether a stay at home mom or a working mom, household activities like cooking, housework, doing the dishes doesn’t escape.  But on Mother’s Day she definitely deserves a break. Order food from outside or go out for dinner, just don’t tell her to about her daily routine. Let her breathe easy. It is the best thing you can do for Mother’s Day.

Moms: tell us about the best Mother’s Day you’ve ever had.

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