Mother’s Day: Heart to Heart

Mother’s Day: Heart to Heart

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It’s Mother’s Day or simply put the day of unconditional love. Has there been a person who has said, mom doesn’t matter? With her silence, her patience and even her melt downs, she has been there for you always, knowing in her heart one day you’ll grow up and go away.

She doesn’t mind that but she still will wish for that smiling look from you, she’ll still need your hand once in a while. So, on this Mother’s Day let’s take the journey of motherhood once more. Things she did but she never told you and things she’ll always do and deep down you know.

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Share these if you love your mom and cherish those moments you shared with your mom. And if you are lucky enough to be a mom yourself then share with all your mom friends and let’s exchange some warm and cuddly feeling in our hearts.

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