DIY: How to Make Snowflakes Craft For Christmas

DIY: How to Make Snowflakes Craft For Christmas

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how to make paper snowflakes

This festive season one of the things all of us will want to do is bring home a bit of festivity to our home. Whether it is a Christmas tree or small Christmas decorations, the air is filled with joy. So, how about making some simple yet cute that is also completely inexpensive? We have got here is a super simple way of making paper snowflakes that you can use as school projects, home decorations and of course the Christmas delight.

How to make paper snowflakes

As we said, it is super simple, so to get started you just need a square or a round piece of paper. To make things a little quicker, you can go for the inexpensive coffer filters, the ones that are cone shaped. They are just about the right size for snowflake making.

Simple steps for the paper snowflake

  1. Start by folding the paper in half
  2. You will have to fold it in half once more. We are targeting a six-sided snowflake, so let’s get as close to the real thing as possible.
  3. Now fold for one last time. We are now all set to create a pretty little snowflake.

Christmas Decoration with Snowflakes

So, we know how to make a nice snowflake, but how do we make a Christmas decoration out of it? Well, one simple idea would be to string them together to create a kind of garland that you can put on doorways and windows. The string doesn’t always have to be horizontal. Try to place it vertical as well and hang them in your windows. Simple, inexpensive and great fun!

Holiday gifts and snowflakes

Another fun way of using snowflakes is like a small décor piece on your holiday gifts. You can use craft paper and paste the snowflakes on it as unique design. It even goes well on wrapped gifts as well. You don’t have to spend much on fancy ribbons and it gives a personal touch to your gifts.

How about a 3D Snowflake?

Yes, the regular snowflakes were complete fun, but these 3D snowflakes are so much better. You can do a mix n match and create some big 3D snowflakes and smaller simple snowflakes. Once, get your kids to join in and make it a fun Christmas DIY

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • 6 paper squares, between 4”-10”


1. To start with take a standard A4 size paper and then slice out the excess length. You need the edges line up equally without anything sticking out. You can do this quickly and easily by folding one of the corners over until the edges line up. Now fold the triangle once more and then hold the long edge of the triangle in your hand. Now use your scissors to make 3 parallel cuts starting from the open side and then cutting towards the fold.

2. Remember, your cut should stop ½ to 1 inch away from the folded edge. Finally, unfold the paper and then lay it out flat. You should be able to see 4 diamond shapes.

3. Now comes a bit of a tricky part. Grab the two smallest triangles and then roll them to form a tube and then tape them together. You can also staple it, depending on what you are comfortable with.

4. Now flip the paper face down and then grab the next smallest triangle. You have to now roll them towards yourself and then tape or staple them together.

5. Keep repeating the process of flipping, rolling and stapling till you have created all 4 tubes. Now staple the corners together.

6. The final step, staple the two sets of 3 pieces together at the very top. They have to touch in the middle.

Great! Your décor is complete. Now hang around your home and enjoy those appreciative smiles.

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