Holidays and Festivals

Holidays and Festivals

Holidays and festivals is about celebrating and making the simple moments of life special. We celebrate different occasions and festivals round the year. Whether it is the all exciting Christmas celebrations or the party fun of New Year or the romance of Valentine’s Day, it gives us those special memories with our loved ones that we cherish forever.

In this section of holidays and festivals we enjoy celebrations around the world. Identifying the top festivals around the world and bringing it on one platform, holidays and festivals becomes a one stop guide for everything that can make your family’s holiday’s fun and perfect.

Here are some great things we have added to our holidays and festivals section.

Christmas Holiday



Christmas holidays is all about bringing the entire family together. Whether you are looking for perfect Christmas gifts or Christmas dinner recipes, we have everything to make your Christmas holidays completely action packed.

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New Year

When New Year comes around then it becomes a festival that is celebrated across the whole world. In this section of holidays and festivals we bring different aspects of New Year and how to remain on the top of it all, even when it gets crazy.

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world start with the month of February. The most romantic time for couples to express their emotions to each other. Of course, we women expect a bit more than just verbal declaration of love. So, we have covered the most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. Also we bring the different ways to express your love and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner.

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St. Patrick’s Day

Another popular festival that has celebrations around the world is St. Patrick’s Day. Most of us don’t know much about St. Patrick’s Day and hence it comes and goes. However, once we understand it a bit better, it will leave us with fun moments to enjoy with everyone.

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When we talk about celebrations around the world, then Easter is one thing we just can’t ignore. Easter has so much to offer, when it comes to celebrations and fun. Find different ways to be a part of Easter celebrations and make your entire family participate in it as well.

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Mother’s Day

Being a women’s online magazine, Mother’s Day is something that is very close to our heart. Celebrating the spirit of motherhood in its numerous colors and experiences it what makes the woman of today what she is. Find a range of articles on Mother’s Day in our holidays and festivals section.

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