Fun Uses Of Mayonnaise That Doesn’t Involve Eating

Fun Uses Of Mayonnaise That Doesn’t Involve Eating

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We all have a pack of Mayonnaise lying around and the only time we reach out to it is for our sandwiches or snacks. But our delicious mayonnaise is capable of much more than just acting as a supplement for food. Check out these interesting uses of mayonnaise that can make your life simple in no time.

Remove those stuck rings

No matter how perfectly your rings fit at a point of time, they are inevitably stuck sometime later, especially when you really want to try a new ring. But a quick solution is to just apply a bit of mayo on your finger and on the ring, itself. Let it sit for some time and your ring should slide out smoothly.

Squeaky hinges

One of the things that can make you pull your hair apart are those squeaky hinges. You can’t ignore them and they’re not the most polite sounds in the house. A simple way to tackle the problem is by dabbing mayonnaise on the creaking hinges and then just closing and opening the hinge a few times. Remove any extra mayo with a paper towel. Your hair is quite safe now.

 Do away with old sticker residue

Repurposing old containers is a fun project that comes quite useful around the house. But those annoying labels and stickers often spoil the show. So, first try to tear off and remove as much sticker as much. Now put a good amount of mayonnaise on the stubborn sticker left and let it sit for some time. Do a patch test and then with a strong sponge, peel off the remaining bit.

Get rid of head lice

It is just too annoying to tolerate. But you can now give a nice scalp treatment with your favourite mayonnaise and it will kill all lice naturally. Place a small amount of mayonnaise on your scalp at bedtime and then cover with shower cap and just relax for the night. In the morning comb your hair and then wash thoroughly.

Natural home manicure

Didn’t get the time to go for your regular manicure, just soak your nails in a shallow dish of mayonnaise. The mayonnaise will moisture the cuticles and give some added protein giving it strength.

Moisturize and smooth skin

Are you having rough patches on your skin like elbows, knees or heels? Well, mayonnaise can act like a fantastic conditioning treatment. Just rub it on the rough patches and let it stay for around 10 minutes. Rinse afterwards smoothly.

Crayon creativity on the Walls

Well, if you have a house full of kids then you are inevitably stuck with a colorful wall of crayon creations. The easiest solution to removing those crayon marks is with the help of mayonnaise. Just apply a little bit of mayonnaise on the crayon marks and then let it sit for around 10 minutes. Now wipe away the crayon and mayonnaise with a clean cloth and you got yourself a clean wall in no time.

Make Dressing

Well, finally let’s get a dish together with mayonnaise. After all, it is an edible product. So, just about when you are done with your mayonnaise container, you can actually make a great dressing out of the last tit bits. Just add some amount of olive oil, a bit of vinegar, sprinkle herbs and then shake well. You can make an interesting dressing for any sides and salads.

So, what are you going to use the mayonnaise for?


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