Stock That Lemon Up

Stock That Lemon Up

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Unknown uses of lemon that are super useful

uses of lemon

The summers are here and most of us stock up lemons and the only thing we need up really doing with it is making lemonade. But what if we tell you that it is the most flexible cleaning tool that is so easily available in your home. Well, you may be able to think of a few on the top of the head, but here is the complete list you should really have.

Make your microwave smell great

If you have a microwave that is just stuck with hard spots then the easiest way to wipe it clean is by heating a cup of water with a few pieces of chopped lemons. Microwave this on high and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Now cleaning the grime will be a breeze.

Stain removal from linens

For those tough, not let go off stains, just add some lemon juice and salt. Let this mixture stay on the fabric for around 30 minutes and then rinse off with vinegar and warm water.

Sparkling clean cutting board

The poor cutting board is just like war wall with food stains and different smells. The best way to fix this problem fast is to rub lemon on the cutting board and then clean off. However, for super tough stains, sprinkle some salt or baking soda first and then do the lemon trick.

Cleaning brass

This is the simplest way to clean brass. Sprinkle some salt on the tarnished spots and then rub a sponge dampened with lemon juice. Now just rinse off with water and let it dry out.

Rust stain on fabric

You just have to make a solution of lemon juice and salt and leave it on the stain. Let this mixture sit in the sun as it dries up. If one application doesn’t help, you can reapply until the spot disappears.

Sweat stains on t-shirt

Summers also mean difficult stains on our t-shirt. The best way to resolve this issue is to rub them with lemon juice before you push them in the washing machine. Your clothes will complete out sparkling clean and of course without stains.

Get rid of the weeds

Do you have annoying weeds coming out of nowhere? Just sprinkle some amount of lemon juice and they will just wither away. However, remember that this juice can harm your plants as well. So, sprinkle carefully.

Clean a cheese grater

No matter how hard you try, there are some bits of cheese that are always stuck in the grater’s holes. To get rid of this problem, run the flesh side of a cut lemon over the grater and you will see the residue coming off.

So, stock up those lemons and use them all across the house.

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