The Simplistic And Small Tattoos For Women That Are Just Too Tempting...

The Simplistic And Small Tattoos For Women That Are Just Too Tempting To Ignore

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small tattoos for girls

Tattoos are cool, happening and a style that’s easy to carry. To express what’s on your mind, you don’t need to cover your entire body with intricate tattoo designs. In fact, the simple and delicate tattoos say much more than those detailed art pieces.

These are small tattoos that are easy to cover when needed and yet carry the same weight as any other tattoo. Also, you really can’t beat the classy and sophisticated look it gives on those feminine curves. So, just pick one of these simple and small tattoos this year.

The shoulder bone style tattoo

Simplistic tattoos for women

We mostly read this in quotes and the message it carries never really leaves us. Just having this little tattoo on your skin gives a clear definition of your attitude and style. So, go for it girl.


The Tree style Tattoo

The tree tattoo

This is one tattoo that can make just about anybody smile. It gives a style statement, no matter which outfit you deck on and will always be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


The back cross tattoo

back cross tattoo

Want a bold back statement? Just try adding a cross tattoo on the upper back and you will definitely have heads turning.


The symphony of life

simplistic tattoo

this is once more a very strong statement in the simplest way possible. Not only it looks awesome, it will keep on reminding you to live every moment, every day. Of course, risks come, but then who is afraid?


Smile tattoo

The side style tattoo

No, we are not talking about the smiley but the smile. This is a popular rib cage tattoo in women and is the perfect way to share the positive outlook towards the life.


The world in your hands
The wrist tattoo

Who needs the world at your feet, when you can capture it in your wrists? Show the world off, your way with this delicate and minimalistic tattoo.


Tiny arrow set

The wrist tattoo

These arrows are just too cute to ignore. If you are thinking, what it really says for you, then it can say just about anything you want. So, just decide where do you want to go and let the arrows do the talking for you.


Strength of a woman

the neck tattoo

Even though a single word, it can say volumes about your personality. This tattoo looks very nice on the neck and can never go wrong. So, don’t hesitate and just go for it.

Flock of birds stays together

The bird tattoo

Even though you may not be completely into animal tattoos, this one is delicate enough to add to your charm. It is beautiful, pretty and one tattoo you wouldn’t mind having.


Set yourself free

The hand style

Once more a simple word that can define your whole personality. This little tattoo will keep on reminding to find that hidden you and give you the wings you need.


The art of love tattoo

I think, this is every girl’s favorite. You can have this small tattoo on your wrist and then there is nothing really left to say.


Your Heart on your shoulder

The cute heart

If you don’t want to spell out love then show it this way. It is equally pretty and cute and any guy will die for it.




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