Work Life Balance for Moms (Survey and Infographic)

Work Life Balance for Moms (Survey and Infographic)

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As moms we are always looking to strike the balance between work and our personal life. Yes, we want a career but we also want to see our kids grow and spend good and lots of time with them. When mothers look for a job, they specifically want it to support their need for a work life balance. This is one struggle the modern women is facing and it is just not getting sorted out…at least the way we hope it to be.

My Kids are Important to Me

Most companies think that if moms have opted to work, then they will automatically see their kids grow up on their own. But that doesn’t happen. According to a recent survey done by BranchOut on stay-at-home moms who are considering going back to work, the emphasis is on quality time at home. Moms have all the skill set to work and earn a good salary, but not by ignoring their kids. Around 86% of moms surveyed said that they are always on a look out for job that gives them a work life balance. 42% moms stated that most important thing is quality.

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Tips for Working Moms

When moms go back to work, they want to do something that they love. It helps in killing that momma guilt that is so there. According to the survey, 32% that loving what you do is very important. There has to be a reason to justify your leaving your kid behind and spending your day at work. So, if you want to be a working mom then this tip will really work. Another 9% also stated that they need to love where they work as well.

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Salary is Important

One of the most surprising things that came out in this survey was that only 7.2% of moms said that monetary compensation was the most important thing when they look for work life balance. The study indicated that more than half of the moms work because their families are dependent on their income.

Part Time Work

If you ask a mom how she would like to work, then her answer would be part time work. When asked whether moms like to work full time or part time, more than half of moms choose to part time work whereas 17.2% prefer full time and around 27.5% would love to work full time from home. Other than salary, moms wish to return to work to get their life back in gear with a chance to interact with adults, practice a skill they are good at and achieve a bit of independence.

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