How To Get Hired By Your Dream Company

How To Get Hired By Your Dream Company

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how to get your dream job

Career choices are tough, especially when we talk about working women and it becomes way more challenging when we enter the ‘working mom’ phase. In the midst of all challenges that we face, you definitely want to increase your chances of grabbing that dream job. These tips to get your dream job can definitely bring you closer to that.

Research about the company

You like the job description and you click on the application. But how much do you really know about the company? One good place to start would be the website. Understand what they are about, who is the CEO and what’s the strength of the company. The more you know about the organization the higher your chances are of getting shortlisted.

The next good place to check out are the various social media platforms right from the company Facebook page to the LinkedIn corporate profile. You will get a fair idea is how the company is branding and positioning itself.

Now when you go for the interview, you will be able to communicate in an engaging way with the interviewer.

Know about your interviewer

If you get access to the name of the interviewer, look him up on LinkedIn. Understand his role in the organization and how closely you may be working with him. It is probable that you get some common connection. If not, you still know to understand how the interviewer is going to influence your role in the organization.

Wear your confidence

You always need to say the truth, but how much of the truth you want to share is up to you. However, you should avoid lying at all times. The moment you start lying, your confidence level will go down, you will stammer and look nervous. Rather, be confident and say the things you strongly feel about. The way you conduct yourself becomes an important factor in the job selection.

Avoid the last-minute rush

You really don’t want to be hurried on the day of the interview. Get your clothes, copies of documents and the location details worked out the night before. Arrange all things neatly in a folder and have extras of everything. On the day, be calm and take extra time in hand to reach your destination.

Curiosity helps

When you are doing the research about the organization, always have some smart questions to ask about the company. Other than the regular questions on timings, work flexibility, leave policy etc. have some questions that shows your keen interest in the organization. It is always better to ask something, rather than sitting quietly and nodding your head.

Remember to Follow Up

Just like you made an effort to reach the interview room, you need to be eager to follow up as well. Sometimes, the concerned person has pressing things on his plate and your offer just gets sidelined. Don’t assume that you haven’t got selected. It is best to hear it out in the open and move to the next opportunity. You should always look keen about the job.

Even though, finding your dream job is a bit difficult, with your dedicated efforts you will get it sooner than you anticipated. All the best!


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