A Boss or Leader: Which One Do You Have In Your Life

A Boss or Leader: Which One Do You Have In Your Life

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A Boss or Leader: Which One Do You Have In Your Life

This post is for each and every poor soul who has stepped into the job world and has given names one time or the other to their boss. Yes, it’s your life and my life. Whether you are a team player or on the management side, the silent war with your supervisor never seems to end. There are only few lucky us who really buddy with our supervisor. So what do you have in your life, a boss or a leader? Let’s check these leader characteristics and see how lucky you really are.

A Boss Never Really Asks

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How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘do as I am telling you’. Yes, your boss will know more than you but where did the teaching go. Commanding or ordering is really not cool and this is not a Hilter world.

I, Me, Myself

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So you met the deadline, achieved your target and who gets all the praise…boss. When there is no ‘us’ or ‘we’ in your relationship then you sadly don’t have a leader around you as well. My sympathies are with you.

Share the Blame

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So, you were given a task and it back fired and now your ass is on fire. Yes, just like success, blame also needs to be shared. If your boss is constantly pushing you down and ignoring your ideas, then once more the leader is not present in the relationship.


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Another common problem in the job world; there is no growth. Either you have said it or someone has said this to you. In simple words, you are not important enough. Your boss may shout at you everyday saying you haven’t learnt one or the other thing but doesn’t really sit with you to help you. In his world it would be phrased as ‘baby sitting’ and that had to end long back right? But a leader sees potential and gives it direction.


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A boss, someone who will never tell you how something is done but will shout every time you get it wrong. So, you are really alone figuring things out. But a leader will first plan and show you how it’s done and then assign.

The upward climb

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Remember the school days when your exam results defined the dooms day in your life? Surprisingly it is the same in the office as well. Worse, you may lose your job. A leader is a person who will not let that day come. Someone who is like your favorite teacher from school.

Steep Numbers


Deadlines have to be met and that means stretching it out and doing and redoing it. But where is your boss? Unfortunately not there to help you through. But a leader is also biting the finger nails just like you, sharing the load. Wish we have more people like that around us.

Respects Opinion


Are all discussions closed ended? So, it is your boss coming, sharing his thoughts and that’s the end. You are never asked, always blamed and the word ‘opinion’ doesn’t exist.

So whom have you met in your job world so far?

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