Best Cars for Graduates

Best Cars for Graduates

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Getting the best cars for college graduates is a challenge almost all parents face. What the college grad wants and what is practical may not always be the same. But the car chapter doesn’t have to end in a disappointment.

Ford Fiesta

The new model of Ford Fiesta has the right combination of style, fuel economy and safety features to be one of the best cars for college students. Ford Fiesta has nicely done interiors loaded with features and a fantastic finish. It has 120 horsepower with four cylinder engine that returns 38 miles/gallon on the highway. The starting range of this car is $14,100.

Kia Soul

This is a funky little car that goes well with the style statement of college is quite a reliable car and offers the standard comfort and convenience that your college student needs for everyday commute. Of course it comes with all the necessary safety features along with 2 tank giving 30mpg on the highway.

Honda Civic

Don’t get surprised by a Honda Civic as best car for college graduates. The car has an excellent build quality, great fuel economy and smart interior and exterior styling. It is one of those sturdy cars that can keep your young grad safe nowhere where he goes. The starting range of the car is $18,390 with the top end also well within the $25,000 cap.

Nissan Altima

Nissan cars are always a style statement in themselves. Nissan Altima is one of the best cars for college students and comes with a range of standard features. The car has the sexy pushbutton start, Bluetooth, great music system and loads of other features that will make any college grad smile. If you are going for an used Nissan Altima it would come around $16,250.

Mini Cooper

This is a very smart car for college students and also among the best used cars for college graduates priced just under $20,000. It has a fantastic fuel economy, classic driving comfort and loaded with entertainment package. The interiors of the car are quite jazzed up making things interesting for the graduate with 37 miles/gallon on the highway.

Let us know if you have further interesting cars for college graduates that are high on safety and budget friendly as well.

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